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    Sailer: A Simple Theory Of Cultural Feminization

    Over at Marginal Revolution, Tyler Cowen has been on a kick lately about how our culture has gotten more feminized over the decades. He quotes percipient 1990s observer Kathryn Robinson:
    Hang around the zeitgeist long enough and a pattern will emerge. You flip on the TV and there’s a young woman announcing that Eagle Hardware is her social life. Change the station and see the newest Nike ad: no more the command to Just Do It, but now a ringing paean to self-esteem: I Can. Maybe another station will be broadcasting OlympicGames human-interest stories; maybe the winning American wrestler will be weeping lavishly , , ,

    My impression is that WASP America had been headed in a feminist direction, as seen by 1919’s passage of women’s suffrage and prohibition. But prohibition proved so unpopular with America’s hard-drinking rising artistic/critical/entertainment elite (e.g., Hemingway, Mencken, W.C. Fields, etc etc) and especially among new immigrant groups targeted by WASP feminism, that feminism fell out of fashion for 50 years.
    Meanwhile, however, the rise of media paid for by advertising, such as radio and television soap operas, began to extend female tastes and values from the lesser reaches of the media.
    I started working in marketing research in 1982. Women had been the main target of television advertising for decades because females spend more money at retail than males do (often spending it on their male loved ones). In an advertising driven world, this fundamental logic tends over time to revolutionize social attitudes in the direction of those that appeal most to moms who control the family shopping . . .

    Full article:

    In a nutshell, women get control of men's money and the advertisers and news media dance to what women want . . . aka feminization

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    Re: Sailer: A Simple Theory Of Cultural Feminization

    He quotes percipient 1990s observer Kathryn Robinson:
    Here's an archived copy of her full article, from 2006, as it originally appeared in Seattle Weekly, an alternative newspaper:

    October 9, 2006 - When did we all become women?
    The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
    - Henry David Thoreau

    There are 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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