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    Very sad news about M. Angelucci. RIP

    And this comes on the heels of a landmark victory too.

    Some have wondered what the Jerry Cox case has to do with our issues as advocates for menís rights, especially our continued efforts which have to do with what appear to be a million dollar-plus land grab orchestrated by Mariposa County, California government officials, law enforcement officers, several attorneys and at least one judge.
    These coldblooded sharks could not have foreseen the perseverance of our NCFM member paralegals, investigators and attorneys who to this day have been committed to making Mr. Cox whole and holding accountable those individuals responsible for his downfall.
    We have maintained throughout this saga that false accusations of rape were used to defame, bankrupt and cripple Mr. Cox so he could not legally withstand the onslaught of their malevolent schemes, especially grabbing his land.
    Even when men unite to defend themselves in the legal system it is an uphill climb even when reaching that mountain top.

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    Re: Very sad news about M. Angelucci. RIP

    Twin Peaks Sheriff's Department

    DATE/TIME: Saturday, July 11, 2020 4:03 p.m.

    INCIDENT: Murder Investigation

    LOCATION: 22400 Glenwood Drive, Cedar Pines Park (Twin Peaks jurisdiction)

    VICTIM: Marc Angelucci, 52 years old, resident of Cedar Pines Park

    Unknown male
    If they have no witnesses, no motive, how do they know the shooter is a man? Are bullets now marked male/female? Or as I suspect, just male?

    I never saw an M-.44, M-.38, or M-9mm, or any other precursors illuminating to any facts regarding bullet gender dynamics.

    You're fkn-A it's an uphill battle! Even at societies peak of Mt. EVEREST!
    It's 1939 allover again, and we're the ones being assigned gold stars!

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    Re: Very sad news about M. Angelucci. RIP

    Reading the articles, I don't think Mr. Angelucci's death is likely to be directly related to his work with the men's movement but a blowback from the corruption in Mariposa County.

    It's a pity, he seemed like a fine man.

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