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    RooshV: Welfare State Creates Promiscuous Women

    Men Are Nothing More Than Clowns To The Modern Woman

    In essence, the only way you can keep a girl is if you adopt the mentality of a soap opera writer, adding a cliffhanger to the end of each episode that keeps a woman interested when being a good man no longer does.

    Roosh is taking his red pills again, and they are going down with a frowny face.

    The other side of this coin is that we no longer need women. We donít need them to maintain our home or cook good meals for us. We donít need them in an age where having children is no longer important or valued.

    As soon as society stops being future-looking, we decline. Controls were in place to tamp down women's viler instincts, but are now gone. As soon as a woman has a child, she gets into competition with that child for the resources of men. Society needs a family unit where women do not control the resources, or reprobation to keep children from being sustained only enough to be women's status symbols.
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