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    Red Pill Response on CL

    Found this gem in response to someone trying to explain why women are greedy. Pretty much nails it, I wouldn't be surprised if it was one of our brothers.


    Women often make bad choices. Women say they want a nice guy with a good job that will provide, and they fantasize about the '50s family with Ward and June Cleaver. But Poindexter that has a good job and is predictable and shows up on time, and calls when he says, and is not exciting. Women are bored by him. Women want a challenge. They want a project. Women love make-overs, fix-em-up projects; women think they can change the bad boy and the asshole. The LOVE the asshole. He keeps them on their toes. He doesn't call when he says. He shows up late or blows you off. It makes women try harder to get his approval. To win his heart. They think they can change him. But of course, they can't. Things don't change, women get frustrated in the relationship, and they leave, only after they rode that asshole like a pony (because in reality he makes her hot), and spit out a kid or two. Women say they'll make better choices, but ultimately are still bored with Mr. Predictable and continue to hook up with the douchebags.

    You're right. We often aren't too thrilled with having kids. That's usually YOUR idea. It's YOUR dream, YOUR story-book fantasy. YOU are the one that pretty much forces us to have kids. It's in your DNA. It's instinct. You HAVE to have kids. Most of us men don't really feel that need. We're with you, we're maybe married, and we don't really have much say in the decision ultimately. If you're desperate to have a kid, you often lie to us about your birth control, and trick us into having a baby to fulfill your biological need. Or we ultimately just give in and agree simply to get you to shut up about it. Sometimes you do it to have an anchor baby. To make a vain attempt to keep us around. Or for money, especially when we earn a good income since child support, for some unknown reason, is based on income, NOT on the actual cost of raising the child, with absolutely no accountability on how that money is spent. Anyway, the children are your idea. Not ours. That's why women also earn less. Women are the ones that often come in late to work, leave early, don't show up at all because the child is sick, often won't take promotions that require lots of overtime and dedication or stress. Women also don't choose dangerous or difficult jobs. They want flex time. They simply aren't as reliable. That is where the pay disparity starts. Don't argue with me about this until you read a book by Dr. Warren Farrell, Ph.D., Why Men Earn More. Before you blow a gasket, he was on the board for the National Organization for Women. He's on YOUR side. He's just explaining reality in detail for you.

    I personally have never been the asshole. It's not in my programming. But I can take care of myself. I have a high paying job. I have a 7 figure bank account. You wouldn't have to clean my castle, or wash my underwear or iron my shirts or serve me like a maid after working at the menial job you chose all day. You might get to go shopping without worrying and buy a dress that did not come from Goodwill if you were with me. You'd have great vacations, see amazing things, and enjoy an early retirement. But you don't want that. And I don't want that. I've seen this time and time again. You don't want me. You want the guy that treats you like shit. So, I certainly don't want you. I'm not your Prince Charming. I want an equal. I want a woman that is an equal partner. I'm not Captain Save-A-Ho that will whisk you away fixing all the shitty choices you've made your whole life. You should have thought about your decisions in your 20s, not in your 40s.
    No doubt exists that all women are crazy; it's only a question of degree. -W. C. Fields
    The courts have no compunction towards fairness these days, and the women who push their agendas, no conscience. -My own self
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    Re: Red Pill Response on CL

    Thanks brotha. Great read. Repped for the share.

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    Re: Red Pill Response on CL

    Maybe women see bad boys as children in need of care. The "nice men" are too mature and responsible to warrant such attention.
    "A man has to be what he is, Joey. Can't break the mould. I tried it and it didn't work for me." Alan Ladd, Shane

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    Re: Red Pill Response on CL

    Fantastic! Preach it brotha!

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    Re: Red Pill Response on CL

    You're right. We often aren't too thrilled with having kids. That's usually YOUR idea. It's YOUR dream, YOUR story-book fantasy. YOU are the one that pretty much forces us to have kids. It's in your DNA. It's instinct. You HAVE to have kids. Most of us men don't really feel that need.
    Back in the day, men wanted kids. Sons, particularly. But today's cohort have never seen a man be a father - dad got thrown out of home early on. They don't know what a father does or why you would want to be one.

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