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    Re: Red Pill Clothing?

    He should be able to do what he wants. I think any slogan is cringe but imagine making a good side hustle selling this stuff. Shirts are the cheap to get printed.

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    Re: Red Pill Clothing?

    Quote Originally Posted by ResidentEvil7 View Post
    Earlier on this topic, I posted eBay links showing MGTOW shirts, but I didn't realize until I read the later comments that MGTOW clothes is a bad idea. Sorry. I was just trying to help him.
    No worries. I didn't even realize MGTOW shirts were a thing. It just shows how fucked up society is that you could get hassled just for wearing a shirt that proclaims you've opted out of the dating market. The ass-wipes who claim they want to stop everyone from being so bigoted and judgmental are totally bigoted and judgmental.

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