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    Dead body politic, deceased corporate corpse.
    Ghosted by law and order.

    Re: The purple color revolution.

    Not to backtrack for the sake of getting along, but I may have thought upon first glance it said "be this gay"?.

    My dog ate my homework?

    We are lawfully exiled by the alterations and changes made to this social compact called government, its body politic now cancerous and destructive to its own ends.

    A man is on his own, always was, always will be.

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    Re: The purple color revolution.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jackoff View Post
    An interesting point on ghosting – ya gotta blend in to prevent detection!

    But blending to the point of screaming in favour of those things that you fundamentally disagree with is NOT ghosting; it’s collaboration!

    No thanks!
    Why screem?
    In fact why doing anything against or forward?

    That is what ghost means. In that photo of the Nazis, if you are there you have only one chance: "howl with the wolfs". Anything else and the mob rips you appart.
    So dont be there. Dont put yourself in a compromising position.

    Like with the riots happening in the US. A ghost stays clear of these confusions exactly to not get involved, neither side represents you: one one side the progressive/comunists/feminists that want to expand the man hating system, on the other the tradcon that want thing to be like the good old times, and only see men in the plantation...

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