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    Purdue holds gender-neutral homecoming

    Purdue University in Indiana held its first gender-neutral homecoming on Saturday in an effort to bring equality to campus.

    The university’s student-led Spirit and Traditions committee decided to do away with the traditional “king” and “queen” labels for the ceremony’s respective male and female winners, instead bestowing them with the title of “homecoming royalty.”

    Virtue signaling bull shit. Goes to show how good the indoctrination is at all levels of school. Not much hope for these idiots when they have to get out and work for a living.

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    Re: Purdue holds gender-neutral homecoming

    ""Purdue made headlines earlier this year for its writing guide, which instructed students to avoid using words with “man” in them, such as “mailman,” in favor of more gender-neutral terms like “mail carrier,” according to Campus Reform.""

    Mailcunt seems appropriate. After all the mail goes in a slot.

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