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    Preparing For When Living Life Gets Rough

    I can't say I've seen this discussed much in any circles (probably because of the average age), so I thought I get the ball rolling. 1. How do people here handle medical issues, where it might be wise to have someone there (or the medical professionals expect it)? 2. How do people here handle end-of-life type decisions (life insurance beneficiaries, making sure you get buried, and the like)? Society's pretty bent on these kind of questions towards the existence of marriage and children in them. So I'm wondering, has anyone here thought these things out and how to handle them? At this point, of course, I wouldn't trust a wife and probably kids too with my life. Hence, no marriage. But in some ways, it has to be hard to find trust in friends, or extended family members too to handle things as you wish them to be handled. So how do you address things where you can't address them yourself? Hopefully this can start the ball rolling in some ways.
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    Re: Preparing For When Living Life Gets Rough

    I have a prepayed cremation plan, all they got to do is call the number on the card in my wallet. I've since heard these are not always a good idea, sounds like your out of luck if you move away. But it's not a bad idea if you think you'll finish your days in the same place. Mine was around nine hundred, if I remeber right. Have also seen ad's offering to cremate you for nothing if they can sell your parts first.
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    Re: Preparing For When Living Life Gets Rough

    You should have advance medical directives in place to outline your wishes.


    1. A living will with specific verbiage pertaining to life-sustaining care
    2. Durable power of attorney that states who is to make decisions on your behalf if you become incapacitated
    3. Do not resuscitate (DNR) (if relevant)
    4. Organ donor registration (if relevant)

    Laws vary from state to state. For more information visit:

    Living wills and advance directives for medical decisions - Mayo Clinic

    Advance Directives: MedlinePlus

    Download Your State's Advance Directives - CARING CONNECTIONS - NHPCO

    For financial matters, you'd still need to have a will and appoint someone as executor of your estate to see to it your final wishes are carried out. You're dead, so it needs to be someone you can trust. On the other hand, you're not exactly going to know the difference and complain about it.

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    Re: Preparing For When Living Life Gets Rough

    Something I need to think about I guess. Since I don't currently live in the USA, I'm not sure what would happen to me if I died unexpectedly. Might need to look into that just in case. I have medical insurance where I am living so that's covered. I prefer to be cremated and my ashes scattered...somewhere. If I ever moved back to the states I would probably get the legal documents in order to be cremated and then have one of my sisters scatter me.

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