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    Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    I wrote a piece on 16 reasons why pets are better than romantic partners. Take a look if you're interested.

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    Re: Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    Cool article. Lots of good info. It’s a great feeling to walk through the door after dealing with idiots at work all day to a dog wagging its tail, expressing authentic love and gratitude to its owner. I used to come home to a twat I lived with who would hold dinner hostage until I heard all about her “hard day.”

    Every piece of ass eventually becomes a pain in the ass. I got that bit of wisdom from a truck driver I used to work with.

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    Re: Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    As is always the case with your articles, I loved this one as well. Couldn't agree more!

    Thanks, Eddie.

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    Re: Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    Great Post!

    A woman is an endless list of wants. She wants a house, new clothes, attention, she wants you to spend $100 on taking her out to a restaurant, she wants you to get a better job, and on and on. It never ends.

    My dog just wants food, companionship, and to go on walks. And he's more loyal to me than any woman ever will be.

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    Re: Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    Great post Eddie - along with many cats and dogs around here, we also have breeding animals we think of as pets, such as pigs and cattle...they are usually on the farm for their entire lives (which can be for 20+ years), and we spend quite a bit of time with them each day. Yes they have a specific role/function, but I definitely see and interact with them differently than the ones destined for the butcher...

    The horses have been here for just over a year, and they are an entirely different experience. Hard to put into words, but considering their integral role in our day to day lives for millennia (prior to the last 7 or 8 decades), it hasn't surprised me that having them here has had such a profound effect on my happiness and general outlook on life.

    They have a way of communicating that I can't explain (and reacting to your communications - both verbal and non-verbal). That I'm able to work with them around the farm and that they enjoy this work as much as I do is remarkable.

    Tying into the other thread about people's lack of ability to communicate etc, I'd say horses (and pets in general) aren't just better than romantic partners, but most social relationships with the vast majority of humans!

    No question I'd much rather be with my animals than people. I stated on another thread as well (Why are we MGTOW maybe) about preferring to be alone - but I never really am here I guess.

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    Re: Pets are Better than Romantic Partners

    yes, interactions with pet animals are very often an improvement over interactions with a lot of the available women.

    But it isn't like the animals can brag.

    That bar has been set pretty low... :-P

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