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    Pearl REACTS to Why Avoiding Marriage is NOT Enough

    I've seen this in action. A guy i knew had his rental apartment and everything he owned stolen by a girl he wasn't even dating. She got in trouble because of a junkie boyfriend and became homeless. This guy helped her out and let her stay in the spare room, rent free. She then asked to be registered on his address with the city so she could apply for government aid. 2 weeks later he was dragged out of his apartment where he lived for 10 years by the police. She accused him of abuse. And she was allowed to take over his rental contract. Even though he payed the rent there for 10 years and she only stayed there as a guest for 2 weeks. Affordable rental apartments like that are very hard to come by in the Netherlands. The average waiting time is 15 years. He still had to pay all the bills for the next 3 months while she lived in his apartment with all his stuff. He had to go to a homeless shelter. He was not allowed to come anywhere near her or his apartment. He didn't even know what was happening the first couple days. Her junkie boyfriend moved in a week later. They had just stolen his house and everything in it. And the police helped them do it.

    I'm on day 4 of divorce. She kept house, kids, dog, and cat. I also lost firearms, 2 weeks of my life, almost lost both jobs, required therapy, lawyers, and i recorded a call in which she claimed she could hit me for rape. I lost 18 years, and I get to start all over.... lesson learned.

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    Re: Pearl REACTS to Why Avoiding Marriage is NOT Enough

    Here's a bit of extra warning. I know of a case where a woman did roughly the same thing to her employer. There was never any sexual contact between them, no flirting, no interactions outside of working hours or outside of the workplace. She had a cushy office job and was pissed off that she wasn't getting paid the same as the men who were working physically demanding jobs in sometimes rough conditions, so she accused him of sexual harassment. When the state reviewed the evidence that she presented against him and found it to have no merit, she upped her game. She filed for and obtained an restraining order. After this, she went before a judge who granted her a one year restraining order then took the fact that a judge (well known to favor women...this judge once gave a woman less than a year in jail for killing a man), granted a restraining order, to a civil court.

    I don't know how widespread this is, but it's actually a clever tactic; starting off small and using each step to a higher goal. The temporary restraining order is about as difficult to obtain as an advertising brochure; the sheriff's office is almost always going to grant them, "just to be safe". It doesn't matter that a man now has no access to his home or that an employer now has no access to his place of business. After that, a judge will most likely extend the restraining order. After all, the law is in place to protect women and somehow, the man will just have to deal with things. After that, she simply sues the man and takes the restraining order to court as proof. "Judge "xyz" granted the restraining order, so this guy must be guilty, right? A judge can't be wrong!" No judge is going to strike down another judge's ruling for the sake of us peasants who only exist to pay our taxes and keep the system running.

    Gentlemen, I have long said that it isn't just romantic relationships you have to avoid with women. If you find yourself as a coworker with a woman who shows the same dating red-flags, get away from her! Transfer or find another job! If you find yourself with a female employee who shows the red flags, get rid of her as soon as you can! If you find yourself working for a woman with red flags, get out of the job! A clever and underhanded woman can make use of the legal and societal bias to turn any regular interaction into a payoff at your expense.

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    Re: Pearl REACTS to Why Avoiding Marriage is NOT Enough

    I know a single guy that's in a defacto relationship (living together). He's so deep in risk of defacto divorce rape, his only saving grace is that she's obese and pumped fill of clots shots making it more likely that she'll drop dead before she has a chance to materially rape him for cohabitation.

    As a human being, I'm ashamed to say which outcome I'm rooting for. But then again, thanks to the unbridled war on men over the past 60 years, my humanity and compassion has suffered immensely in the counterattack called self preservation.

    I wasn't put on earth to fight women or engage them in the war on men, my only purpose is self preservation as natural law overrides social constructs like feminism and other threats to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
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    Re: Pearl REACTS to Why Avoiding Marriage is NOT Enough

    If there were justice in this world, such judges and and others in the "system" would receive a like comeuppance. But then Satan protects his own...
    “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

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    Re: Pearl REACTS to Why Avoiding Marriage is NOT Enough

    Pearl is a spoiled rich girl aka "Daddy's little princess" who has decided that for her grift, she's going to be on the side of the manosphere.
    When she gets really challenged she can't defend the points because she doesn't understand. She can't understand because she isn't a man, she doesn't live in our shoes.
    She just keeps repeating the buzzwords she learnt from other red pill men but can't flesh them out.

    Most of the other points are actually only applicable to America.
    For instance in my country,
    The common law marriage does not recognize alimony after breakup. The only weight a common law marriage has is division of assets after death and even so, sometimes the bank doesn't honour the relationship agreement either and either keeps the assets to return to the government pension fund or surrenders it to the children.
    Child support payments also have a maximum cap ($2000/month). And it's hard to get that type of judgement against you.
    Restraining orders also don't work. They don't stop anyone from doing anything to you.
    The police can't and won't protect anybody - a lot of people have 'connections' that are powerful enough to affect their lives and livelihood so they don't even take the chance.
    If I let my 80 year old grandmother call right now and say there are 3 armed men in her yard trying to break in, she'll be told to hide under the bed and given a "good luck" because they won't be coming until they leave.

    I've said it before and I'll say it again: The definition of self preservation means that above all else, you have to use the tools in your arsenal to keep your quality of life intact. Sometimes that means running and sometimes it means standing up. And the more everything is against you, the more resistance you have to show. By any means necessary.
    (I have to rewrite my definitions because I know we have some incels on the forum)
    If you believe everything you hear is a lie, you have a 100% lie detection rate.
    The opposite holds true but I would rather be surprised by the truth than a lie.

    Society is a Simulacrum.

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