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    Nominate books for personal development

    I am in need of books that would help me to:
    - increase my self-esteem.
    - improve my conversation skills.
    - develop charisma.
    - lose weight.
    - deal with depression.
    - use techniques and tips that psychologists give in their sessions.
    - understand human nature.
    - avoid committing a mistake.
    - understand investing and personal finance.
    - excel at work.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Develop charisma? Good luck with that. Let Hollywood know when you figure it out. You could become what the west calls a "character". It's similar, but not anywhere near the same. James Dean had charisma. Jim Morrison had charisma. James and Jim are dead, so much for charisma. It's not for you and me.

    Understand human nature? Read the lounge when you get the chance, not just some, plough through the whole god damned thing. I learned more there than my whole life before this place. Oh I knew what had happened to me alright, but till 2014, I didn't know why.

    After that, read all the banned member's story's, so you'll see how not to do things. A lot a funny shit in there.

    Excelling at work for the average slob is trying hard more than anything else. Don't try to get out of something that stinks just cause you have an excuse. Everybody will know you weaseled out, and that's not a reputation you want. Least not in the west.
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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Most self help books are worthless. I'd say read How to Win Friends and Influence People, Meditations, research CBT, find a YouTube fitness channel, take Sam-E for depression, meditate regularly and just start listening to Stoicism podcasts (Stoic Meditations is good)
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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Maximum Achievement by Brian Tracey. He also has a very good book named Goals.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    The power of your subconscious mind, By Dr. Joseph Murphy.. That book changed my whole outlook..

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Just a few things off the top of my head.

    It's a tall order, and so I'd suggest the first thing to do is back up and avoid trying to eat the entire elephant at once. A self help perspective is good, because it's a huge trap to think these things can be solved by throwing a lot of money at counseling, courses, diet pills, anti-depressants etc. But don't get stuck in endless reading.

    Work on the list first. Some of this is easy. To excel at work: Show up every day. Take the work seriously but don't get obsessed with it. Follow through on your promises. Don't bitch and moan. I'll add for the modern age, don't look at your phone every 10 seconds. Done. You'll have to fine tune this, because if you follow through employers will be begging you to take promotions.

    I second everything frog mentioned about charisma. Consider crossing that one off the list.

    It's impossible to be at all active in the world and avoid possibility of mistakes. And sitting at home trying to avoid mistakes doesn't end well either. Think about dispensing with this restriction.

    There's plenty of good reading opportunities right here. Check out the background resources. For one, Member Eddie Haskell is writing some good articles on self esteem and other aspects of bachelor life.

    The biggest trap: "I will be happy when......fill in the blank" It's what nearly everybody does and is the driver of blue pill life. "When I retire, get a spouse, get rid of my spouse, get a new car, buy a boat, get rid of my boat, my kids are out of college." It never ends. It's now or never. Get to work, and be happy today doing it.
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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    If I maybe an asshole. Your questions prove you are not worthy of the answers.

    Increase your self esteem? You have to have something worth esteeming first. That's on you. Improve conversation? You've got to have things to converse about. Why haven't you learned them? Develop charisma? That means you have to know who you are and what you want. Lose weight? If you were doing what you should be, you'd have no time for eating. Psychological techniques of psychologists? You wouldn't need that if you had any love for this world, you'd be out fighting for it and be healthy by doing so. Avoid committing a mistake? Really? If you were truly worthy you would be seeking out every mistake you could so you would know how to do things right. Excel at work? Chump. Real men have a craft and love it so much they have a need to constantly experiment with it.

    As for understanding human nature, good call. Philosophy and psychology are foremost. I'd tell all to read Ayn Rand but I don't think you're there.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Elvis had charisma. They found him on the floor of his bathroom, ass up, turtle poking, in a puddle of his own piss. The cause of death was charisma and the 'good life'. Michael Jackson had charisma, too. But it didn't matter, because all he really wanted was to be white.

    Be careful what you wish for. Illusions and enchantments are real killers. Beware cultural myths.

    Most leave the casino with less than they had before they got there.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Human nature is very simple. In the beginning, it's about fulfilling one's basic needs. Food, shelter, basic comfort and basic safety. We all start out helpless and entirely dependent on the kindness of others. Later, if and after all of the basic needs are met, it becomes about fulfilling one's desires. It is here that the true suffering of life begins. Ill gotten, misguided desires, illusions, enchantments and cultural myths.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    A good place to start is the knowledge that you're surrounded by false cultural narratives, aka cultural myths. Society (women and the state) want you to behave in a way that's most beneficial to society (women and the state), even if that results in your destruction. Women are human beings. Men are human doings. If you can understand and internalize that, then understanding the rest should come with time and attention. Be careful what you wish for. Desire can and often does backfire.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    I'd be very careful with the 'mental health' profession. It's female dominated and chock to the brim with feminist ideology. I went to a few sessions and realized I wasted my money, having basically paid a woman to listen to my problems. The feedback was basic and something I had already easily found online for free or just plain ignorant advice. You'll learn far more researching this forum, but even here, you'll be mislead. Even here, you'll find misguided illusions, enchantments and cultural myths. In fact, throughout your life, it will be your job to discern good from bad through empirical, real world comparisons.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    You avoid committing serious mistakes by stopping to consider the consequences of your actions. As I've never done this, why I'm not dead already is a wonder.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    Self esteem is a tough one. I didn't have any until I made something of myself I could be proud of, followed by knocking down, one by one, the false cultural myths that betrayed me, both of which took around 80% of my current lifetime. Having said that, I know people that haven't achieved a fraction of what I have, yet seem to believe they're God's gift.

    I think the current zeitgeist is that, no matter how big a loser you might be, we're all winners.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    I've had depression before, but it was always steeped in a genuine failure that I hadn't yet come to grips, understood, addressed and put to rest. An example is my divorce. In the beginning, though I thought I did, I didn't even understand why I was depressed, which had nothing to do with 'the divorce', the event upon which I laid all blame for my depression. In the end, the depression was the result of my frequent inability to avoid big mistakes. In the face of all the horror I'd seen growing up, getting married was a really stupid thing to do. All the evidence was right there in front of my face and yet I still did it. Like many a foolish man, I believed that it couldn't happen to me, which very nearly destroyed my life. I had low self-esteem, which I though would be assuaged through finding 'the one' and living 'happily ever after', which turned out to be yet another huge, misguided, misunderstanding and mistake.

    So there you go; mistakes, depression, self-esteem, psychology and misguided human nature all rolled into one example. Illusions, enchantments and cultural myths are real killers.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

    One manís wilderness. Itís the diary of a man who went his own way.

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    Re: Nominate books for personal development

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