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    Re: NEW THREAD: Video comparing us to feminism or Red pill?

    @ stanmsl: Sorry, didn't watch the vid - you had to sign in (some sort of age restriction thing - meh).

    But I did like this comment:

    Sun Key Avad
    8 months ago

    Calling mgtow a movement or a cult is the same nonsense of calling being an atheist a movement or a cult. Both are just individualistic choices that people make independenlty on their own. No hierarchies or leaders or recruitment campaigns or conspiracies to be found. Just a sum of individual choices.

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    Re: NEW THREAD: Video comparing us to feminism or Red pill?

    Often times the phrases mgtow and redpill are overused and often are applied to even broader concepts.

    Lets call the knowledge we discuss and share as old school common sense that men used to have.

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