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    New Divorce Horror Story . . . Bill Sardi

    " . . . I bring this topic up in light of the resignation of a male White House secretary over allegations made by his ex-wife and an ex-girlfriend. Should such an invitation land in my mailbox I would have to gauge what would happen. I don’t believe I would pass an FBI security clearance for the following reasons.

    The first thing, the FBI would have interviewed my former spouse and listened to her allege I stalk and harass her. The family court was conned into believing that when I simply disagreed with my ex-wife over parenting issues, which is taboo in California I guess.

    I thought divorce was defined by the fact two parties cannot come to agreement and need to part company. By my ex-wife’s definition, if I disagree with her that is harassment.

    My ex won’t allow my 13-year old son to carry a cell phone on home school field trips because she alleges I could track and stalk her using the “find lost phone” app.

    I have issued no threats nor used foul language on the family court email system I am forced to use (but my ex did say she “hoped I die and go to hell”, and she did leave me alone in a child counselor’s reception room when I was gasping for breath due to a temporary blockage in a coronary artery, saying “I can’t help you, you will have to call the ambulance yourself.”)

    I did tell my ex in one email to “go blow your nose.” I guess that’s enough to claim harassment. The court said that was disrespectful (even though she has committed grand theft, corporate identity theft, and credit card and banking fraud during the course of the divorce, all with impunity – this is all in the court record).

    Second, my ex-wife would allege to FBI investigators I’m a deadbeat father because I haven’t been able to keep up with full spousal support payments. That is after I found my wife opened up 24 bank accounts without my knowledge and $214,000 of family money has gone missing in the four-plus-year divorce ordeal.

    My ex-wife bought silver jewelry with some of that money she absconded with and is now brazenly selling it online. And after the attorneys took ~$200,000 in legal fees, and the court allowed my ex to rack up billings for child tutoring with no regard to balance income against expenses, this left me in the red every month.

    My spouse receives $4250 month for child support and is supposed to receive $6000 month spousal support regardless of whether my income is up or down. (All of my sources of income are variable and are based on commissions.) If my income declines or even if I am unable to work and earn a living at my age of 72, she can have the family court seize all my bank accounts. By comparison, my spouse has over $600,000 of tax-free money in her bank account. But I know, if I fall behind in making . . . "

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    Re: New Divorce Horror Story . . . Bill Sardi

    "People are always angry at anyone who chooses very individual standards for his life; because of the extraordinary treatment which that man grants to himself, they feel degraded, like ordinary beings."
    - Nietzsche

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    Re: New Divorce Horror Story . . . Bill Sardi

    You are a stronger man than I am......I do not believe I would remain sane if I had to endure what you have.
    "To marry means to halve one’s rights and double one’s duties" - Arthur Schopenhauer "
    "A bachelor is a man who didn’t make the same mistake once."

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