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    My Secret of Weight Control

    I've always been solid. As a kid my nick-name was ''Fatty". After a slimming growth spurt during adolescence I began to bulk up again in my 20's. It became a problem.

    I tried all kinds of cures - diets, exercise, food matching, nothing got my weight down and kept it down. Once I even went on a seven day fast. That got the weight off for a while but soon it started creeping up again. That's the story of my life, until recently.

    My problem was not 'weight' of course, it was 'fat' - that greasy white stuff stored in specialised 'fat cells' in connective tissue. Muscle is denser than fat, so a well muscled body is actually heavier than a fat one. Exercise will build muscle but it won't have much affect on stored fat unless you are starving, when other survival mechanisms come into play which defeat the 'fat-loss' plan.

    So what's the answer? I think I've found it, at least it works for me. The secret is TIME.
    Time is our most valuable resource, so this solution is not free, it takes the expenditure of time.
    If you have a busy schedule this method will be difficult to follow, but it's worth it. First, I'll detail the practice then the theory behind it.

    1. Practice:
    Divide your normal meals into three parts, or courses. Prepare each course separately so that there is a time lag between eating each course, preferably about 20 mins. When each course is ready ask yourself "Do I really feel like this?" If the answer is NO, then don't eat it. Put it aside for the next meal much later.

    It takes time for the metabolism to recognise food eaten and to turn off the hunger signals. If we stuff our faces until 'full', we don't get the message until too late when we have over-eaten.
    By eating a little then waiting 10 to 20 mins. we have time for the hunger signals to subside and the satiation signals to take over. We don't eat if we're not hungry.

    2. Practice:
    Periodic fasting is practised by different people using many different routines , and they all seem to work about the same. Choose a routine that suits your lifestyle. This is mine.
    I finish my evening meal about 7:30 or 8 pm. Then I fast until midday the next day. Water is fine to stay hydrated, and sometimes a coffee or tea helps pass the time. I do this 4-5 days a week, leaving a couple of days for debauched socialising on weekends. This method actually saves time since I only prepare two meals a day instead of three.

    The extended fast gives the body time to normalise. Blood sugar falls, so insulin levels drop. Insulin controls the fat cells absorb-release cycle, so fat cannot be released into the bloodstream from fat cells while insulin levels are high. When insulin is low fat can be released to run the metabolism.

    There are only three primary nutrients, proteins, fats and carbohydrates (plus one essential non-nutrient, fibre). There are nine essential amino-acids which can't be manufactured within the body and must be taken in from food. The number of them in carbs. is exactly ZERO.

    Contrary to all the dietary advice from .gov departments over the last 30-40 years, dietary fats do not make you fat (nor raise your cholesterol, but that's another story). Nor are carbohydrates the saviours of the human race, as advertised. In fact carbs. are the leading culprits in the epidemic of obesity in the Western world. As adults we need a small amount of protein daily to repair damaged tissues, a small amount of carbs. for instant energy but the bulk of our nutrients should come from fats, especially animal and fish fats with a balance of omegas.

    Sugars are deadly. Cane sugar, fruit sugar, high fructose corn syrup all carry toxic quantities of fructose into the diet, and they are concentrated in processed foods. Avoid them and you avoid high levels of insulin which inhibits the release of fats from fat cells.

    So my secret is TIME. Time to allow the body's natural healthy mechanisms to act to keep a balance in body fat and energy. I've dropped 4.5 kg (10 pounds) in the last 6 weeks with almost no effort, and I expect to reach my target waist measurement within the next two months.
    I hope this is helpful to anyone struggling with 'fat' as I used to do.

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    Re: My Secret of Weight Control

    I would also like to add, drink water right before you eat. It helps fill you up.

    Oh, and egg whites are a godsend.

    On a side note: Carbs/cereal grains were the savior of humanity and helped humanity thrive. But now we have refridguation, and they just make you fat.

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    Re: My Secret of Weight Control

    I have changed my eating habits as well,and I feel better than ever before!
    I have always been slim,and fit,but since I have stopped eating proceed foods,
    sugar,candy,cakes etc.and now eat,FISH EVERY DAY,VEGETABLES,EGGS,CLEAN
    FOODS,and drink only coffee,tea and lots of water,it has an enormous impact in my body
    and health.I have more energy,than ever before,and Im 40.
    Many say that we must reduce our intake of SALT,and yes,this is true,but enemy number one
    is SUGAR,followed up by proceed foods,as an enemy number two.

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    Re: My Secret of Weight Control

    Quote Originally Posted by Cracked Lurker View Post
    I would also like to add, drink water right before you eat. It helps fill you up.

    Oh, and egg whites are a godsend.

    On a side note: Carbs/cereal grains were the savior of humanity and helped humanity thrive. But now we have refridguation, and they just make you fat.
    Human life is constantly evolving. Long ago, if you walk and ran for miles a day to hunt for food, it wouldn't be a problem if you ate roast pork with some pork fat attached to it on a daily basis. Even then, most of their diets are simple and natural. Vegetables, fish, animals, fruits.

    Today, we can just drive to McD for a Big Mac meal, that's not very active. Our lifestyle may be different, but we still crave that piece of steak/pork/chicken/etc. Fried chicken would just make it worse, active or not. Welcome to modern day luxury.

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