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    Musician dies shortly after wedding

    Ironic to say the least.
    Bullet dodged, but not in a way I'd recommend.
    As MGTOW, resistance to the collective is NOT futile.
    Don't let yourself be assimilated and become a mindless zombie supporting and submitting to any woman.
    They will ultimately destroy you.

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    Re: Musician dies shortly after wedding

    I heard about this yesterday. I have to admit there’s some freaky shit going on these days. People of all ages and health statuses seem to be dropping like fucking flies. I’m not a conspiracy guy who stirs up that kind of drama, but it makes me wonder if something isn’t going on under the surface. The world is as fucked up as it’s ever been and trust is at an all-time low. You can’t trust the politicians or anyone around you for that matter. Society is mortally unstable and it just seems like more and more strange shit keeps happening.

    You really have to enjoy and cherish every waking moment of good health and life. You never know anymore. Anything can happen to anyone at anytime. It’s pretty unsettling.

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    Re: Musician dies shortly after wedding

    That didn't take her long to grab his shit....

    At 37 he likely has a little history to help him on his way... And yes, "Sudden Death Syndrome" is a thing now...

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