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    Movie review "The Creepy Line"

    I watched a movie last night on youtube from Janson Media. The Creepy Line is a documentary expose on the effects of social media on society. It was quite intriguing to hear their take on Google and Facebook. While Washington, D.C. thinks it has its fingers on the pulse of the nation, they really only have their fingers up their asses. It's Google and Facebook that are running everything...and no one even realizes it! I'm not so sure it isn't happening. Check out the flick and tell me what you think!
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    Re: Movie review "The Creepy Line"

    In general I tend not to watch such things, for they are mostly telling me what I already know and/or providing disinformation.
    I use my own brain, including the sum of others I trust, which is far better than what can be found in 'documentaries'.
    But as you have recommended it I will give it a look.

    The social media is owned by the very people seeking to subjugate us. They are masters at marketing and psychology so of course their 'products and services' appear to most people to be for our benefit.
    So are all the institutions. The CIA, the UN.. these are all proliferated by the kind of same people who are owned by people in the shadows.
    Actwhores are not much different. The people working at the above institutions aren't so different to actwhores funnily enough.
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