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    More confirmation

    I was on a website called and found this gem. Like we need any more confirmation but still.

    16. The Wrong Brother


    I’ve worked for Uber and one time, a passenger who was clearly intoxicated told me she should have married her brother-in-law. She said her husband was not well “endowed” and was much less handsome, but because he was far richer than her brother-in-law, she married him.

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    Re: More confirmation

    I might get kicked off off driving for Uber, but I would have told her to her face what a cunt she is and then I would have kicked her out of my car.

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    Re: More confirmation

    How sad is it for her husband.

    He has expended so much energy into maintaining his relationshit with her, and has burnt away astronomical amounts of money on dates and other female bullcrap just to maintain the relationshit. He probably thinks she loves him when he fucks her while she thinks of someone with a larger dick when he beds her. He probably always includes her in his long-term plans, but in the end, she just wants his $ and despises his dick and promiscuously lusts over other men. And she is so insolent as to rumble to foreign men about how she fantasies other men's dicks.
    But it's too late now. Even if he knows her for what she is, he'll forced to pay alimony to her for his whole life, and sometimes even if the kids aren't his.
    I always measure a woman's commitment by hard times. If I come across a woman who would stay with me till the end, even if I become broke and paraplegic, i'd marry her, but don't let that deceive you. I know it's impossible, and I know those who did back in the old times were just too scared to be shamed for it. Hell, even if he was a bad husband, nobody deserves to be deceived sexually.
    I don't know why, but there is a different type of twist for being duped sexually by another woman, it just feels different. It's analogous to being raped to me, and being happy for it. It's a financial and emotional rape.

    I would just imagine myself being in his shoe, being a literal pussy whipped cuck that is not loved but needed while feeling grateful about it. He probably validates his self-esteem from this roach's presence in his life. Boils my blood.

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    Re: More confirmation

    Money! That's what it's all about with them, MONEY! More reasons why I refuse to let a woman enter my life; I don't care what she wants or needs! My money stays with me and my dick stays dry.
    It's a man's world and we need to take it by the throat and make it give us what we desire.

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