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    Moratorium on Mandatory Introductions

    Mandatory Intros were instituted about a year and a half ago to deal with a rash of questionable members. Mods, Unboxxed, in particular, have done a great job with cleaning things up. Having reviewed our current state of affairs, it now makes sense for us to have a softer-touch moderation.

    We encourage Intros, but they are not mandatory. New members who do one will be given a longer leash and it's a great way to get to know existing members. But we also know new members want to get a feel for this place before they go to the effort of writing a detailed Intro.

    If, for whatever reason, we are having issues with new member quality, we may consider reverting. All members must read and be familiar with GYOW Principles and know what we're about.

    Also- a friendly reminder to smash the Report button if you see a post that shouldn't be here. Let's help make moderation community-driven.

    Some of you may be wondering -- who is this Jagrmeister guy? Have a look at some of my posts from MGTOW Forums--> Jagr Archive (collection of my articles)

    Stuff I do: Box, Surf, Tennis (3.5/4.0), Downhill skiing. I lift 4x a week and have for 10 years.
    Stuff I like: Comedy shows, NBA, Reading Non-Fiction (sociology, philosophy, biographies).
    Random facts: I admire Steve Jobs. Favorite travel spots (Russia, Central America).

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    Re: Moratorium on Mandatory Introductions

    To make Intros no longer mandatory, I have reconfigured the site as of 08/05/21 to cause new registrations to automatically become "Registered Users" which permits new members to immediately post in any sub-forum on the site once they have validated their email address with us. Registrant accounts will no longer go into Moderation upon email address validation to then wait for an Intro from the registrant to then be approved by a Moderator before being allowed to post elsewhere on the site.

    As well, the Live Feed (aka "Talk") box on the right side of the home page, which had been turned off for New Registrants until they did a valid Intro, has now been turned back on for them.

    Really Fast Registration had been disabled because it allowed registrants to bypass the moderation bucket. This feature has now been turned back on and can be seen on the home page (when not logged in, naturally). Trivia: users who register with RFR are not required by the software to enter their "Type" (ghost, bachelor, neutral) as are the users who register the conventional way, so they may wish to make note to enter their "Type" once registered.

    Intros are now optional.

    Three Intros that were submitted prior to the above reconfiguration have been manually released from the moderation bucket without inspection. These three members are now free to post on the site.

    That leaves 150 member accounts in moderation, without Intros, that no longer need to be in moderation. They have now all been moved to "Registered Users" status and can post on the site.

    Any members who are in receipt of a PM from me advising that his Intro is overdue and his account may be (soon) closed, can disregard such notice. Your account will not be closed for lack of Intro.

    Banhammer-Nacht events have been canceled until further notice.

    If I think of anything else, I'll edit this post.

    Thank you.

    The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
    - Henry David Thoreau

    There are 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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