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    Her money pile. Forever NOT growing

    I realize now its not a bother to know women get so much simp money these days. However, its unpredictable & can wind down at any moment shall a simp change their ways. This isn’t an income. Not a fixed wage or salary. Theres no retirement plan no pension, 401’s. These diggers will always spend & saving is not an option. The expenses are far too heavy such as cosmetic material, apparel & garbage small devices & apps. It actually feels good to know its unstable which puts jealousy in the gutter. I could use an opinion. With a certain amount of funds, is this suspicious to the irs? Is there chance for an audit of a womans resources, who pays the bills? I would see especially women on the internet getting a shitload of donations as a bad thing. Imagine $30,000 dropped from these youtuber paypig internet celebrities. That financial data has to be reported eventually for taxes which most cam sites makes you fill out. Did I get that prediction somewhat accurate?

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    Re: Her money pile. Forever NOT growing

    Quote Originally Posted by uglything87 View Post
    That financial data has to be reported eventually for taxes which most cam sites makes you fill out.
    Is this surmise or do you know this to be true? Own up Uglything, have you been shaking your booty on the web again?

    Anyway, all this money they make goes into a bank account, right? While I don't know for sure I think the banks would be obliged to report numerous transactions going through individual bank accounts for money laundering reasons. And I believe they are required to report individual large transactions probably for the same reason.

    So if these prostitutes (for that is what they really are) are failing to report it to the IRS then it's probably only a matter of time before they're caught. That being said they'll probably get little more than a slap on wrist.

    However, if it's all done through, say, a PayPal account, I've no idea if the same rules apply.
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    Re: Her money pile. Forever NOT growing

    ha! touche bud but id say this is where its starting to take place the most now it seems. on the outside were used to the old whipped bf bowing to his girl & the ol joint bank accounts for the married but holy shit the simps on cam sites are where women these days are getting paid the most. its a system they made & figured out how to keep the wallets open. so i would assume paypal also has to have an eyebrow raised on this OR its a hell why not if they can make money taking a cut depending on a certain amount. most of these women luckout living with room mates otherwise the lazys that fraud the good ol government would drop any assistance in a heartbeat. its pretty odd tho telling turbotax online where your money comes from—or an accountant.

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    Re: Her money pile. Forever NOT growing

    This reminds me of the #ThotAudit hashtag which was trending about 2 years ago. Boy, did some of those women have to cough up taxes. Needless to say many of them were extremely butthurt about the whole situation. Neverless, it was so sweet to see some justice prevail.

    Some social media starlet by the name of Belle Delphine was ordered by a judge to pay $60k in taxes at the time lol. Pay your goddamned taxes like the rest of us you spoiled brats!

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    Re: Her money pile. Forever NOT growing

    I remember that bitch! Didn’t know about that though—that’s awesome! I know she got arrested at one point. Remember all those dumb simps that ACTUALLY bought what was probably fake bath water. She could’ve easily just filled up toilet water in those containers & they would still gargle it down. This is where “career opportunities” are headed. Being a cam model in a platform of their choice whether for digital stripping or being completely corny, lame, boring & worthless doing absolutely nothing. Their fathers are definitely NOT proud & I’d hope have walked the F out of their lives by now. Let their mother backup their security when they fail.

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