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    MGTOW PICKET SIGN: (My Wallet, My Property) #DefaultDaddy

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    Hi there fellow MGTOWs, the other day I watched the 5 YEARS IN PRISON video on This Thread, and posted a reply. The video really set me off! That this unfortunate man rotted behind bars for five years, all because the unjust family legal system permits greedy toxic females to knowingly commit paternity fraud with very little risk of punishment for getting caught.

    It's time that we, as MGTOWs, consider organizing for political power to answer our opposition. Towards this goal, I have created the above draft MGTOW picket sign/ wall poster, and submit it to this forum for discussion.

    The legal concepts supporting this picket sign/wall poster message, are as follows:

    FIRST, according to the 5 YEARS IN PRISON video, Mr. Manser was legally declared a #DefaultDaddy without any court vetted physical evidence presented at a single out-of-his-hometown court hearing that he was financially unable to attend.

    SECOND, the court used its own #DefaultDaddy declaration as the legal basis to issue a Child Support Order against Mr. Manser, including an Arrearage Order for Back Child Support.

    THIRD, when Mr. Manser failed to pay these court ordered support payments, which apparently exceeded his financial capacity to comply; he was arrested and thrown in jail for five years.

    FOURTH, after getting out of jail, a television show paid for DNA testing that proved that he was not the biological father of the child for which all these support payments were ordered.

    In the case of Mr. Manser, it appears that the government clearly violated theTakings Clause of the Fifth Amendment to the United States Constitution, which states: “Nor shall private property be taken for public use, without just compensation.”

    The court, by failing to perform reasonable due-diligence with regards to vetting the verbal claims and flimsy evidence, effectively took Mr. Manser's private property for public use, without just compensation. A clear violation of Mr. Manser's United States Constitutional Rights.

    How many men suffer a similar plight, because they have been beaten down by the wheels of the unfair and unjust American Family Legal System racket?

    The above proposed draft MGTOW picket sign/ wall poster seeks to advocate for new federal and state laws to force DNA evidence prove paternity beyond a reasonable doubt before a man's property can be taken by the shady child support racket.

    #1) Everything that I created in this image has been placed in the PUBLIC DOMAIN.
    #2) The image of the 'wallet' was found on an item for sale on amazon, and its copyright status is unknown.
    #3) I included the image of the 'wallet' in this draft image, under the FAIR USE DOCTRINE.

    AVAILABLE LARGE SCALE (600dpi POSTER SIZE - HIGH QUALITY; 5000x6000 pixels) image files are available, message me if you would like a copy.
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    Re: MGTOW PICKET SIGN: (My Wallet, My Property) #DefaultDaddy

    Quote Originally Posted by Cyboss_BASIC View Post
    It's time that we, as MGTOWs, consider organizing for political power to answer our opposition. Towards this goal, I have created the above draft MGTOW picket sign/ wall poster, and submit it to this forum for discussion.
    This falls under MRA activism which is a related but arguably separate group of guys than MGTOW. MGTOW have checked out of the system and do not do activism, and the MRA folks do not like us for that. Last time I looked, anyway. I cheerfully direct you to the Men's Rights Activists for your idea. But stay here for the MGTOW.
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    Re: MGTOW PICKET SIGN: (My Wallet, My Property) #DefaultDaddy

    On the eve of Independence Day in America, I content myself with the knowledge that one of my forefathers probably shot one of Spooky's forefathers.

    I'm out. Peace.
    - Owen, 07.03.2022
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    Re: MGTOW PICKET SIGN: (My Wallet, My Property) #DefaultDaddy

    I say watch them go with the flow like a kayak over Niagara falls!

    Taking care of self is everything under such suicidal existential conditions!

    My justice poster is living better without them as a neutral observer.
    In the beginning, it only ate men, now it's coming for the women and children, and nothing can stop it.

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    Re: MGTOW PICKET SIGN: (My Wallet, My Property) #DefaultDaddy

    The DNA can say it is yours after she picks the condom out of the bin and self impregnates herself. For DNA tests to apply means you trusted her with birth control or you haven't taken all means possible to protect yourself.

    OP, I agree that was a shitty thing that happened to him. He likely trusted her and trusted the courts before that happened. As a man we can not trust anyone with our future. All men should know this by now.

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    Re: MGTOW PICKET SIGN: (My Wallet, My Property) #DefaultDaddy

    Picketing works by getting media attention. When it comes to red pill issues the media will actively ignore or distort your message.
    That is why MRA never works, and MGTOW know it.
    What part of "gynocentrism" is there to care for men?

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