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Some excerpted posts from the old MGTOWForums:

Where have all the Good Men Gone?

“We just wanted you to fulfill your lifelong dream of being a strong and independent women. And who needs a man anyways, isn’t that what you’ve been crowing about for forty years? This is the equivalent of a Pepsi executive blaming the customers for dropping sales.
“Those stupid customers! How dare they not like our drink! Man up!”
Maybe if people aren’t buying what you’re selling, it’s because you’re selling a shit sandwich.” - nomore

Where have the good men gone? The feminists can find us enjoying a good beer and watching golf after a tough week at work. We'd rather clear our head and enjoy the free time we have on our terms instead of trying to pursue women who keep telling us that they don't need our partnership to buy a home or have a child.” - pcr

If this is happening on such a grand scale, it is only good. Men are good for nothing, so get your baby from a loser who jacked off in a cup. 5 years later: mommy, who is my daddy? Who knows gurrl?! Meanwhile, I and the other men are living life how we see fit.” - pcr

I find it laughable when a women attempts to define what a "real" man is especially since they preach that they want the nice guy but somehow they always end up with the bad boys.” - ManWithNoName

Every man should know what the phrase "man up" really means. Especially when it's coming from a woman. You always have to ask yourself what the person is trying to do. What do they have to gain from it? Ask yourself that question.

You will quickly understand that any woman who tells you to "man up" is trying to manipulate you into doing something that does not benefit you. She is trying to shame you into doing something that is probably harmful or dangerous to you.

The idea of the "real man" is an idea that is used to shame men into sacrificing themselves for other people's benefit. But in this society why should men owe anyone anything? They'll suck you dry and throw you away.

The phrases "man up" should set off alarms in every intelligent man's head.” - Spoon

Women have ZERO authority to define masculinity, as it only serves to suit their narcissistic needs.

Men have timidly voiced what they want in a woman but it's considered "Oppression" to speak of such heresy, when it's actually in the best interests of all. Thanks Femmies. Enjoy the felines.” - toadman

Many here lament the death of marriage. Don't. It's freed us to enjoy life. Women are no doubt disappointed now, but who gives a shit?” - downandout

Defining Moments to GYOW

Writing my first alimony check. Not sure how a guy goes back to marriage after that. If you can't handle being forced to write large checks to some lazy useless wretch, marriage is not for you.

I've always said, if you think you want to get married, first practice by sending someone you cant stand $2000/month for several years. If it doesn't phase you, you are marriage material.” - piedpiper

After every woman I've ever dated seriously and loved, including my fiance that I lived with admitted to cheating on me, and didn't see anything wrong with it - it was my fault because I was at work, or "YOU DONE PAY ATENSHON TO MEEE!!!!!1" Next, would be living with a woman for a year and truly learning that regardless of how physically attractive they were on the outside, they were absolutely disgusting on the inside, like a Pandora's Box of evil, stupidity, ignorance, filth, laziness and mindless destruction. “ - Thrasher

The last date I ever went on with a businesswoman.

The whole date consisted of her bragging about what she has accomplished while ignoring the fact that all her "opportunities" were a result of her rich father.

I felt like I was on date with a guy, it could not end fast enough.” - Superion

Several years ago, when I was a MGHOW but hadn't yet classified myself as such, I talked from time to time with a forty-something female grad student at the school at which I was teaching. One of the last conversations we had centered on her husband, who had recently walked into the woods near to where they lived, and blown his brains out. She related the story to me in a clinical, dispassionate manner, with no more emotion than one would exhibit for the weather forecast. Indeed, she made sure to mention that he had been depressed and uncommunicative for a long time, intimating that it was somehow his fault for having taken his own life.

I found the experience extremely disturbing; walking away from her, I felt as if I had just spent time in an icebox. I found myself saying in the aftermath "God help me, I will never get married." - bem

I think my defining moment had to be at the end of my second marriage. Mind you we had been married for just a little over 5 months after dating for 2 years. I thought I knew her fairly well and she knew me. We loved each other after all. Well it was a Monday and I had the day off so I didn't have my phone with me. I check my phone to find several messages and texts. I call her and she says, "Jay, I'm going to spend the night at my Mom's house and I'll be by tomorrow morning to get my stuff out of the apartment." I swear she said it like she was ordering a pizza with extra cheese. Sure enough, I spend that evening alone, bewildered and full of pity and self-hate. The next day I come home and most of the stuff is gone save for a few items. She comes over to the now empty apartment with her Mother in tow to pick up the rest. Embarrassed, I tell her Mom, "Carla, I'm sorry about all of this." This cunt tells me with a straight face, "Hmm, I'm just here to support my daughter!" This is the same woman who was gushing with tears of joy over me marrying her daughter just 6 months earlier. I was to be the "son she never had." - JayJet

“Simple, i noticed i got more sex from my girlfriend when i caused drama and was an ass to her than compared to actually trying to have a relationship (ie giving more than two shits).

Also, i had an friend who was a huge ass to women (cheated on every gf, no job, treated them like crap) but got laid 4000X more than me. I realized that i either be an ass to get laid or i avoid women altogether and focus on myself. And here i am.” - basshead

I would say for many MGTOWs it is a chain of events more than anything else.

  • Knowing that you can readily have a girl who looks like the hot girls at a college party come to your door with a phone call and two c-notes
  • Realizing that romantic relationships are often a combination of biological imperative, social expectiations, and pavlovian reward cycles.
  • Realizing that "love" really means "dominance, money and social status and someone she can show off to her friends or be seen with"
  • Becoming consciously aware of how quickly a woman's looks deteriorate and how it affects their behavior and how they relate to others.
  • Observing how miserable married men you work with are.” - Gordon Freeman

In Response to a Woman Penning a Letter Apologizing to Men

Dear Men,

A few generations ago, we decided to renege on our end of the social contract. We transformed marriage into a way to score cash and prizes, and unwittingly set into motion the decay of Western civilization. In the process, countless innocent men were financially looted, wrongfully imprisoned, or driven to their deaths. Sexual infection spread like wildfire. Tens of millions of babies were murdered in our wombs. Bastardy soared, and many of the children we did deliver were raised in fatherless homes, without discipline, and released upon society as feral drug-addicts and criminals.

We opened the door to tyrannical and oppressive government in what was previously one of the freer societies in human history. We cackled with delight as we watched man after man receive his come-uppance, but we didn't really stop to think about the long-term implications of what we started. I mean, we were getting lots of welfare money and scholarship money and child support money and alimony money and paper-pushing-affirmative-action-job money and topping that off with lots of sex and wine and shopping and travel and magazines and TV shows and specialized healthcare and jeez... who could pay attention to men when you're getting all that?!? I know, right!

But things are getting kinda tough for us now, so we're sorry. Think you could forgive us and maybe fix everything we fucked up?

K, thx!

-- Women


Favorite( or unfavorite) quotes or bit of flawed logic from your exes.

Hello gents. I never did marry, but still made the mistake of giving women months or even years of my time. As such I have heard some odd things from women as well as flawed logic. Just wondering if you guys would care to share some flawed logic or quotes from your exes. that either made no sense or just made your head hurt. I'll start.

One ex. I had was always upset that she never met my family or mother. We fought about it regularly. I felt the Jakezilla that was chasing tail in bars needed to be seperate from the Jakezilla that always brings a grilled turkey to Thanksgiving. Much like I keep my work and homelife seperate. She could not hack this and we broke things off but not before she could enlighten me with some American female logic. Apparently I either was ashamed of her or had a bad relationship with my mother. Those were the only options, the only truth. Well you guys aldeady know how I feel about my mother so it's not that.

If I was ashamed of her would I have taken her out every-fucking week? When I finaly got her to reveal her source(because no single woman can come up with anything this stupid on her own) I knew it was over. Her source? Sex and the city. Good lord. Really? Taking life advice from a TV show?”

"We don't fight enough" -- quoted verbatim, 'nuff said

"You make me like this".

After one of her bat shit insane episodes, throwing shit around and punching me in the face.

I'll never forget that little gem.

“The first year I lived with my ex before we got married I claimed her children on my tax return, with her permission. She was not working and I was paying all the bills and supporting her and the kids 100%. When I received the refund, I payed two months rent in advance, stocked the house with groceries and caught up on miscellaneous bills.

She started asking where her share was. Her share of what? She thought 1/2 the tax return belonged to her because I claimed "her" children ("our" children in ever other circumstance) and if it weren't for her allowing me to claim the kids I wouldn't have gotten so much back so half belonged to her.

She simply could not make the connection that the money went to support her and the kids in the first place...expenses I would not have had, had it not been for her and her children.

Can anyone guess how long I heard how selfish and abusive I was for not giving her "her" money?

And I married her can we not see these huge flashing red neon lights?”

Ex: You could have told someone.
Cap: What?
Ex: That you were going to the bathroom?
Cap: Huh? What?
Ex: What if someone has to pee and you go in there to shit? You need to tell people in case they have to pee so they can go to the bathroom before you.
Cap: I need to tell adults to take a piss? I see. And announce I'll be taking a giant shit as well? Sounds classy. I'll be sure to wait for you to announce this when you have to shit at your next family party.


She was in rage not unlike many of the men here have experienced. Violent rage! Money was tight because we had to move to a new town due to HER getting “creative” with a previous employer’s finances.
Her: “Are we EVER going to get out of this mess and buy a house!!!!”
Me: “Sincerely doubt it. (I'm thinkiing "At least you’re not in jail.") We’ll most likely be in this in this situation for a long time.”
Her, with my kids by her side crying and scared: “Then why don’t we just kill ourselves and kill the kids too? I mean, if it’s always going to be like this why don’t we take a knife and kill ourselves!”

Vic Ferrari

This is some serious shit. In one of my recent past relationships this girl is in her late 20s and told me:
"If I don't have a baby by the time I'm 30, I'm going to resent you...Not to the point of cheating on you (right) but I will resent you..." WTF is what I said. I'm working my way to becoming a Ghost and avoid women like the plague. A lot of the stuff everyone has said on this post, I've heard before. Its crazy.


Second ex wife after I tried to reconcile and found she was fucking the town sociopath.

Me: So you went out with Ed on your birthday and got drunk?
J: Yeah
Me: Did you fuck him?
J: Well, I didn't plan it that way. It just happened.

A random gf

Her: (at my house) We have a problem
Me: Oh, yeah? What's that?
Her: I'm pregnant.
Me: That is a problem.
Her: I need help with the [pain]
Me: Like a shoulder to cry on?
Her: NO, silly. With the PAYING!
Me: YOUR problem just got worse
Her: What do you mean?
Me: I had a vasectomy 6 years ago. You've been cheating on me.
Her: Well, I didn't mean to.......

From my first ex:

"When you make enough money to support us, you're never around. You're always working"


Feminists to Bachelors: They will grow out of it!

In Response to Woman Saying Men will grow out of Bachelorhood

Grow OUT of it? For fuck sake, I grew IN to it!!!

Just like you'd grow out of cancer.

Missing out on what??

Ensuring that the universe revolves around you?
Ensuring we never have any free time?
Following society's pre-programmed path to self-destruction?

Right. Buzz off!

"All happiness that is dependent on others is bound to disappear sooner or later. It is temporary, it is momentary, it is illusory. Only that joy is yours which wells up within your own being. Hence Buddha says: Delight in meditation, delight IN SOLITUDE. Aloneness is the joy of being just yourself. It is being joyous with yourself, it is enjoying your own company. There are very few people who enjoy their own company." - Osho

The only men who feel they are missing out on something are those who watch and believe all those fictional movies that inflate the status of love (an emotion) into a divine universal force or power. These same films will often portray women as incorruptable, pure and innocent beings.

When given the choice between a beautiful lie and a painful truth, it is only natural for a few men to choose the lie, but reality soon catches up and soon they are forced to swallow the truth, whether it's through a painful divorce, years of soul destorying labour, false rape accusation, having their children ripped away from them or being forced out of their homes. Sadly some of these mens lives are so shattered upon the realisation that they have been living a lie that they commit suicide or kill themselves slowly with drugs or alcohol. In short, men who remain single miss out on nothing, they gain everything

Loneliness is when you are by yourself and still worried about what others think. Men just need to learn to stop worrying and be content with themselves, bacherlorhood is NOT something men grow out off, merely something they failed to appreciate.

As I see it, men are more able to cope and actually learn to enjoy solitude. Becoming a man is about learning to control your emotions. As this skill develops so does the ability to enjoy solitude. Loneliness is a female fear, her post is simply transference; her fear of loneliness grows with time and she assumes that men suffer from the same condition. This is simply untrue. We learn to enjoy being alone, they get lonely. Those two things are completely different. In the long run it is THEM that suffer, not us.


Here is my day pre-MGTOW with CHEATING WHORE GF of 3 years:
5:30 AM - Wake up because she has to get up and "Get Ready". Don't fall back asleep.
7:00 AM - Plan for one of 10 enticing activies for the day which include:

1. Go to Ikea
2. Go to Kohls
3. Go to Sisters house for lunch; visit Nephew
4. Go to Mom's house for an hour
5. Go to Target/Walmart
6. Go to Farmers Market
7. Get home and watch American Idol/Bachelor, etc.
8. Honey do list (fix random shit she broke during the week including the garbage disposal)

Are you fucking kidding me right now, and she would get pissed I didn't want to go do all this bullshit with her...

Here's what I'm doing this weekend.

1. wake up around 9 AM - Make Sausage and eggs
2. Read The tribune, watch some soccer
4. Go to the Gym
5. Relax the rest of the afternoon.
6. Have a beer or two
7. Contemplate going to Vegas or Cabo next weekend - look up tickets
8. Relax

...So now ... a few of us recognize that women want it both ways, in fact women want it every-which way; women want it all. They want the power without the responsibility. They want the prize without the competition. They want and insist on all the advantages of "equal opportunity," all the payouts of "equal outcome," and all the privileges of "the delicate hothouse flower of femininity." And they want it all NOW, and ALWAYS, and FOREVER AND EVER - WORLD WITHOUT END. A few of us recognize the unfairness of this, and we dare to speak out against it - or we dare to say, "Very well, make your own way in the world, I'm out of here!"

Referenced Quotes

“American women, it’s time for you to woman up. Put down the celebrity rags and stop diddling the bean to the latest news about Jake Gyllenhaal’s love life. The future of your country rests on bringing your unrealistic ballooning expectations back down to earth, in line with what your flabby bodies, unfeminine personalities, galling sluttiness and crow’s feet actually offers men.” - Roissy