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Describes the regression of the modern woman's mate selection and relationship behavior to pre-civilization standards; namely that women increasingly pursue men based on instinctual lust oriented around male traits that optimized her survival circa 30,000 BC such as dominance (physical and social dominance). In plain English, they now want "bad boys" and "players", not gentlemen.

Also, she increasingly wants to sleep with Alphas, even if that means sharing him with others, rather than date men with Actual Value and based on compatibility. In addition, she narrows her preferences back to her instinctual default settings - that is the top 6% of men (as judged by these anachronistic standards for ideal male mates). The basic cause of this is feminism's erosion of Traditionalism and the end result is that modern women share the same sexual strategy with their pre-civilization cavewoman ancestors.

(useful dates: Pre-Civilization/Paleolithic Era -- 2.6M years ago to 10,000 years ago; Era of Traditionalism -- 10,000 years ago to ~1970; Post-Traditionalism -- 1970 to today).


Once Upon a Time

Human civilization began in earnest in 10,000 BC. Before this, the Paleolithic Era witnessed over 2M years where man survived in the wild; this environment and lawlessness shaped human behavior and therefore genetics and preferences. Men and women both developed mate selection criteria and relationship behavior that was optimal for that time. Women sought out out dominance in men - physical dominance (height, muscles) and social dominance (respect, submission of other men). Pursuing such men might improve their odds of survival in a brutal world that rewarded opportunism and cruelty; it might increase the likelihood they would eat that night.

Along came civilization, with its rules and laws. Increasingly, bad boys who didn't play by the rules found themselves unemployed or in jail. They no longer could succeed by imposing their dominance as they did in the wild. But a woman's attraction for these men never disappeared. Civilization was made possible by something in addition to the Law. That something is Traditionalism. Traditionalism overwrote a woman's hardwired preferences with cultural encouragement to pursue a different kind of man, and a different kind of relationship.

On Traditionalism

Traditionalism refers to traditional roles assigned to men and women. The complementary roles encouraged men and women to co-habitate for life, monagamously, and create a stable environment for child-rearing. It made marriage possible. Men historically were never interested in marrying women. During the Paleolithic Era, the long stretch of time before human civilization began in earnest, there was little resembling marriage. Men were polygamous and rarely committed.

It was traditionalism that came along which didn't merely make impositions on men to marry to be respectable; it made women respectable enough to be married. It stigmatized hypergamy, it counseled women in useful skills, it oriented women around being Ladies- the kind of woman that man would actually want to be around with for the long term. Women were counseled to pursue upstanding, productive men; men with Actual Value; men who would treat them well and stay with them long-term. Their father and family was essential in choosing the male partners because otherwise women would select based on their instinctual preferences, which were ill-suited for modern civilization.

The notion of a Lady was a socially constructed personality women adopted to make men commit for the first time en masse; Love was a socially constructed emotion (with some basis in biology) that has been shattered by many things, but including the effect of casual sex in diminishing pair bonding in women. Men would marry Ladies- but that is a certain class of woman, with a long-term orientation, with decency, with class, with a commitment to his interest. With abilities such as knowing how to cook a meal. And an attitude to contribute meaningfully to his life.

Feminism's Erosion of Traditionalism

Feminism did away with Traditionalism and traditional gender roles. By removing traditionalist guidance to women, women have defaulted to their primitive instinct, and unsurprisingly are pursuing men and relationships in the way they did pre-traditionalism.

Feminism banned slut-shaming. It also removed the father and family from guiding the woman towards suitable long-term mates and appropriate dress and relationship behavior. It claimed that women should own their own sexuality- which might make sense in theory, but in practice it meant women discovering that slutting it up earned them the attention they craved, even if it didn't ultimately lead to positive outcomes (and it even earned them points as a "feminist".) It encouraged women to "listen to themselves" (their instincts) and get what they wanted and not be reigned in by patriarchal traditionalism which sought to make them a "good housewife" to any man. Women responded by claiming "the heart what the heart wants" and similar expressions - all code-phrases for pursuing primitive instinct without social stigma. Though the idea of society influencing the female mindset on relationships seems heavy handed, it became apparent that women deciding for themselves often meant lousy outcomes for women and men alike (at least in terms of quality of LTRs). Nevertheless, this the current and likely future.

Cavewoman Sexual Strategy Redux

Once again, women value men with traits of dominance above all else. They value height, muscles, men who dominate or bully other men, hints of roguishness or defiance, men with violent or criminal backgrounds. The Jungle Woman would not recognize a gentleman if he existed back then; such a personality had little appeal to her instinctual nature (behaving like a gentleman was folly since women could be had without commitment, just like today; and all the more so for those who shunned gentlemanly ways).

Absent any stigma for pursuing the wrong kind of man, absent any social condemnation for inviting a negative relationship experience, absent any financial or social consequence for getting knocked up and having a thug's kid, there is no feedback loop, no guard rails and women go from one bad experience to another, never learning, never accepting responsibility, all the while repeating to themselves "the heart wants what it wants!".

The primary form of female 'relationship behavior' is showing skin to attract male alphas, usually men above them in SMV, and engaging in casual sex. That is, until they want a long-term provider to pay for their kids and provide them a socially acceptable environment of marriage, merely to meet whatever remains of higher respectability for women with kids within the institution of marriage (not to mention financial security).

Changes in Behavior

The best way to think about how women's actual behavior has changed because of regression is to understand that their relationship behavior now mirrors how they acted in the jungle tens of thousands of years ago. Commitment is not an important part of their mindset. Cheating is something that "just happens". Considering what a man thinks or feels because of her callousness? Not a thing when she can vine-swing to another man.

Traditionalism imbued women with a sense of mutualism, a reminder that treating herself and others with dignity and respect would matter in the long-run. We have cataloged much of this behavior in MGTOW Awareness of the Actual Nature of Women ("
The Modern Regressed Woman has a Jungle Mentality unconducive to Relationships"). A regressed woman's only value is her reproductive value (or sexual value now that we have protection and birth control).

This is why becoming the kind of lady that a man wants to be with for the long-term is off her radar. Learn to cook? Who cares. Know how to relate to a man and provide value in some way? Hah! A regressed woman is turned off by a man's weakness, even if he must take some time to get over a loved one's passing or loses his job - because in the jungle, it was each man and woman for themselves. Building a long-term relationship of mutual respect? In the jungle, a woman always tested her man for fitness, so today that means endless shit-tests. She is motivated almost solely by Tingles, and that means a man's availability is a downside. A married man must create the appearance of female options and must also signal his unavailability by giving the impression he may not be around forever. This is the "relationship game" that has become popular and touted by people such as Athol Kay. This is what's needed for a man to maintain a relationship with a modern woman; who's very instincts are misaligned with LTRs due to regression.

In the jungle, it's each person for themselves and what they can exploit out of others. So she's not thinking about "us", she's thinking about her. In short, the modern regressed woman is NOT relationship material. Anyone who thinks they've found an exception to this rule often rues this judgment within a year, but a max of 3 years from saying "I do".

Female Status: The Respectable Wife (traditionalism), Tingles-High (post-traditionalism; ie: now)

The feedback loop during Traditionalism and Post-Traditionalism differs for women. Before, the goal of a woman was to be the kind of lady that would be a good wife and mother. That is the kind of woman who could hold her head high in public. Everything she did towards that goal would receive approbation from others. In contrast, today women receive short-term highs from sexual validation (Tingles). Unlike the past, there is no goal; there is just riding the carousel and getting instinctual highs along the way. In a way, the culture has done more than regress the sexual instincts of women to pre-civilization, it has amplified her pursuit of Tingles through an oversexualized culture that implies that a woman who is not actively having sex (esp. with top men) is not truly living.

Whereas their cavewoman ancestors were answering to their instincts, modern women must both contend with their instincts and social/cultural pressure towards casual sex, even if self-defeating in the long run. With sexual validation coming to the fore for women, the earlier idea that women had to pay their dues to become ladies has been put aside. Women could get laid without any other virtues; surely marrying a "lesser" man than those she got railed by, would also require nothing more than spreading her legs -- at least long enough to get the ring.

A Modern Woman's fitness for LTR

The Regression has also impacted the value that women bring to the table in terms of being a quality partner. Feminism has made women think they can adopt an unpleasant, selfish personality and still be marriageable. Needless to say, they've been led astray.

Articles about how to "Please your man" are infrequent today; and when published, they are often viewed by women as quaint. Women receive little instruction about how to act in a feminine, dignified way; but plenty of picture of Miley Cyrus riding a giant penis. Ask a modern woman about being a lady, and she'll laugh, maybe describe it as being a "Stepford Wife". The object of the modern woman is her OWN agenda; a view that's incompatible with being the kind of woman a man would want to commit to for the rest of his life.

Feminism stirred up such victimhood and resentment in women towards men that their thought of "What can I do for my man" is anathema. To be a true woman, she must consider her own needs only -- anything less is "submissive, Stepford" behavior. Feminism has women believing there is no "right way" to be a woman; being a woman is anything YOU want (the consideration of what men want from you is archaic).

In Conclusion

Traditionalism was the pillar that gave women moral character and encouraged their higher human nature above the lower animal nature. What biology instills in men such as reciprocity (in service of productive endeavors with other men), and morality (to ensure mutual benefit in civilization), women required from the culture. With feminism eroding traditionalism in our culture, women are taking cues from a dark place of their instinctual memory and a culture (they are highly suggestible to) that encourages their short-term gratification over all else. Feminism has regressed women from thinking with their prefrontal cortex to the more primitive regions of the brain (at least on 'matters of the heart') responsible for age-old survival instincts.

The Great Regression began as feminism was introduced to the Western mainstream around 1970. Men continued to be taught to act like gentlemen, but meanwhile women were looking for something else. This caused a massive disconnect between the genders.

The Great Regression explains why women are the way they are today: unfeminine, masculine, confrontational, practicing unrestrained hypergamy, value arbitrary traits (tattoos, aggressiveness) over provider qualities, become uninterested in pleasing their man, and generally become unmarriageable material. PUA, MGTOW and all other Red Pill cultures are male responses to this regression that has been effected in women. The red pill, in all forms, is awareness of this relatively rapid change (or regression) in female behavior and describing a particular male strategy in order to exploit or avoid it, or else.