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    From Our MGTOW Dictionary: PUA



    PUA means Pick Up Artist. PUAs study how to attract and seduce women.


    PUAs focus on techniques (usually conversational, psychological and behavioral techniques) to seduce women. A key component of PUA is understanding the female mindset and the way women view themselves, the world, and men. For this, the manosphere owe PUAs a debt of gratitude. Because PUAs are in the field, constantly engaging in trial and error, action and consequence, and because there is a tangible goal they are after (and highly motivated), they have methodologically examined female relationships and sexual behavior. The level of detail and psychological dimension to PUA is often quite stunning in its revelations, depth, and detail.

    However, PUAs have also been perceived negatively by MGTOWs and the manosphere for a number of reasons. PUA largely adopts the realities of a feminist world and the attitudes of the modern entitled women. Rather than calling out the counter productivity of endless female shit-tests against men, for example, PUAs see passing each hurdle as a badge of honor (see PUA boasting about sending 51 messages on OKCupid to get a phone #). Rather than counseling women against following Primitive Instinct Hypergamy, which yields negative results in the long run to both men and women, PUAs reinforce it by "playing the game" and seeing the "challenge" in engaging the Hamster and Primitive Instinct. Perhaps the biggest criticism is that PUAs encourage a world where men live down to a woman's warped modern standards of 'manhood'. In the obsession of "being Alpha", men may focus far too much on tattoos, "being a DJ" in their spare time, and other things women find attractive and not enough on pursuits that have real value or things they genuinely want and enjoy. PUAs may invest simply too much of their time and identity in pursuing pussy and get "lost in the game". Finally, some claim PUAs engage in "pussy worship" over all else, lowering their moral standards and creating externalities for other men. Some PUAs engage in AMOG (alpha male of the group) techniques to devalue other men and boyfriend-destroyer techniques where they knowingly sever the relationship between a woman and her significant other. When PUAs put "Hos before Bros" and ignore male fraternity, throw their conscience out the window in pursuit of 2nd-rate, 2nd-hand pussy, one wonders if the techniques of PUA may be sound, but the overall worldview, at least for some, has become skewed.

    This MGTOW community believes in Game and its value. But we have a different idea called RecGame as far as the worldview that goes along with it.

    Additional Reading:
    Living DOWN to a woman's standards -- going all out on SMV
    The two most important days in your life are the day you were born and the day you find out why. - Mark Twain

    The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation.
    - Henry David Thoreau

    There are 10 types of people in the world - those who understand binary, and those who don't.

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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: PUA

    I've been involved in PUA on two separate occasions in my life and have been closely involved with other men who have. My observations:

    1. It does work.
    2. The effort required is huge, at least for men to whom it does not come naturally.
    3. A lot of the effort is stuff that has no practical application outside PUA. When I was first introduced to it, I was told a lot of stuff about how it teaches confidence and conversational skills generally. This is false. There is maybe some overlap with learning to appear confident and not be put down by other men, but for the most part it only teaches a man how to engage with the Hamster. The self improvement stuff (e.g. go to the gym) has benefits of a sort, but as noted by others it skews development in those areas. E.G. Jagrmeister's example of encouraging a man to just focus on his biceps in the gym, rather than build all-body functional strength. Similarly with money, PUA encourages making money but also spending it on frivolous things like fancy aftershave and cars that cost a fortune to run.
    4. There is a strong element of one-ups man ship and putting other men down. There are serious issues with defining worth just by how much sex a man can get and thus denigrating men who are successful in many ways, just not with women. The PUA community is rife with men eager to prove that they are the "alpha" and that other men are their lessers.
    5. PUAs play down the risks that women present. Ostensibly PUAs seem aware of the risks of women, e.g. denigrating women for trying to "trap" men in relationships. However, deeper and more serious risks, like a woman a PUA has slept with claiming it was non-consensual because she later changes her mind, are seriously played down by PUA. I think this is because their plan, world-view even, cannot accept this. When it is acknowledged just how big the risks are, most PUAs strategies fall far short of passing any reasonable risk analysis of cost vs benefit.

    Those are just my thoughts however. I will second the point that PUAs have some serious understanding of female psychology. In my view, they just stop short of coming to some of the logical conclusions of this.

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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: PUA

    The PUA has a different agenda than does MGTOW. PUA uses their knowledge of women to "Dip the wick". MGTOW uses the same knowledge to avoid becoming en-snarled in a woman's trap.
    They are more into pump and dump, which really infuriates cupcake, and I see no problem with that. I myself would rather not fly that close to the flame. If they want to spend that much time and money on getting laid, that's their problem, I have better things to do.....
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    Re: From Our MGTOW Dictionary: PUA

    I'm interested in what RecGame is, I don't think I've come across that before, Google showing a blank and the links in the dictionary seem to have rotted. Are there any resources on this are still available?

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