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    Mgtow & the arts—a grim perspective

    How can a man who is creative survive this upside down clown world we live in today if he refuses to change? Whether it’s fine art, music, film/animation. It just seems economically & demographic wise near impossible to have your true audience. Even if a man is to create subject matter that can come from a dark place or of his own wisdom..clown world expects everyone to submit. Obey the fruity shit and wear pronouns like a badge of honor. There’s not too many ways to gauge on real people besides certain anti-woke content on YT & even then it’s slim to sustain your chosen path.

    If only you can say what you want to say and be who you want to be..but we don't have that world anymore. It’s theirs now in my opinion.

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    Re: Mgtow & the arts—a grim perspective

    Quote Originally Posted by uglything87 View Post
    Whether it’s fine art, music, film/animation. It just seems economically & demographic wise near impossible to have your true audience.
    IMO It's easier now than any time in history to get an audience for any kind of art.

    Music: Years gone by you headed off to a major city hoping to pick up gigs in bars or coffee shops and busking when you were not working all in hope that some record executive might see you.
    Now: Make a web page, create YT videos, get it on Spotify and apple... You don't need to leave home.

    Film/animation: Years gone by it was next to impossible unless you worked for a major studio (film) maybe local tv station for news but no creative stuff. When the "Home video" came in that opened lots of doors. Animation: if say a cartoon strip, maybe in a local paper if you were lucky.
    Now: There are video platforms for whatever you want to create for. YT is only one. Vimeo is popular, you can even do homemade porn and xvideos will host it. You are still competing with everyone else but at least you can get your content out there where people can support you/support yourself.

    Censorship: There always has been censorship and always will be. Being a male, you will likely find more. If you go too far off the track there is cancel culture. Any hate speech will be taken down quickly, as it should.

    I don't know what kind of content you want to create. There are many people traveling the world and posting videos about it and making heaps of money doing what they love. There are also young men doing educational videos on subjects they have taken in school that they have a passion for, explaining the basics for anyone that has an interest. The important part is making content that others find value in and post it online for someone to find.

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    Re: Mgtow & the arts—a grim perspective

    I would still do whatever the hell I want, critics be damned, whatever pisses them off more hah!

    Now if your art/music/film/animation is your only money maker there may be a struggle. But freedom is the most important thing to have, refuse to change and die on that stake.

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    Re: Mgtow & the arts—a grim perspective

    They erected the Stifle Tower of WOKE censorship impedance and we're a scrapyard crew with torches and cutters taking it apart!

    Just keep popping rivets and you'll do just fine!
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