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    Cool Man Has Irish Pub in His Basement

    As most of you guys know by now that I am a die hard fan of man caves and I love to watch man cave videos on YouTube and to get ideas from the men. This guy in the video (ignore the wife and daughter even though she's being supportive) built an Irish pub in his hidden basement where he drinks good beer and watches his sports team, the Fighting Irish Notre Dame.

    The way I see it, if you as a man want a space, make the whole house the man cave: beer signs, neon lights, posters, whisky or bourbon, man movie/TV memorabilia, pinball/arcade, and a bar with mirrors and tabs. Now that I've lived in my new studio apartment for about a month, it's about time to get my man cave decorations out of my mom's basement and put them on the walls.
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    Re: Man Has Irish Pub in His Basement


    At least he’s trying is the best I can say.

    If he wants an authentic “Irish Pub” feel, maybe he should take a trip here and see for himself.

    About the “Magners” glass; Magners is the U.K. name for Bulmers cider. Decidedly NOT Irish!

    I’ve never EVER seen, nor heard of a frost plate to keep your drinks cold.

    But kudos to the guy. He has his own pub in his home.

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    Re: Man Has Irish Pub in His Basement

    Always liked secret rooms or passages.
    I've got a couple of places in my basement where I plan on doing just that...using a bookcase to conceal one room,
    and making another door that blends with the rest of the wall for another room.
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