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    Man killed by playing video game? Only MGTOW see the truth.

    Apparently the police was called to this house, and the video says it was because of the game. As the man is killed because he comes to the door with a weapon and takes some milliseconds to droop it.

    That is the official story. The man was killed because of a game.

    Now, in this video, after the killing, we can see the interaction of the police with the girlfriend. A totally different picture arises. Apparently the couple got enthusiastic in their gaming and some screaming was involved (her words).

    A neighbor heard a woman screaming and his immediate thoughts went to: domestic violence.

    The police comes responding to a domestic violence incident, ready to face a "dangerous man beating a woman". The man comes to the door armed. He gets killed.

    The video game had nothing to do with the killing. The societal frenzy about bad men and domestic abuse is the immediate reason behind it. It is the reason the police get called, and it is the reason the police was on hedge and trigger happy.

    The girlfriend herself gets more understanding of the situation (video time 4:40), she calms down (only minutes after her boyfriend gets killed) when explained that the police responded to a domestic violence call. We can almost see her thinking:

    This situation shows that society always views men with suspicion.

    A man near a child creates a doubt in people's mind: is he a pedophile?
    A man near a woman creates a doubt: is he an abuser?

    Men only needs something out of place (in people's mind), and they are in danger. White knights, the police and the justice system are the enforcers of this system, but everyone else is an agent of the system because their minds are formatted with these ideas.
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    Re: Man killed by playing video game? Only MGTOW see the truth.

    Manfred, you're exactly RIGHT! As men we must watch where we stand, how we're perceived, and remain vigilant against comprising situations and accusations. I achieve this by ghosting.

    We ghosts never stop long enough to be identified or even noticed, we just keep on moving like the wind. We don't get accused, interrogated, and convicted by this ill and bias bastard called a justice system!

    Starve a lawyer, don't get married!

    Starve a judge, don't get married!

    Starve a cop, don't get married!

    Starve a social worker, don't get married!

    Starve a teacher, don't get married!

    Starve a welfare administrator, don't get married!

    Starve a jailer, don't get married!


    Starve yourself by getting married!
    We are lawfully exiled by the alterations and changes made to this social compact called government, its body politic now cancerous and destructive to its own ends.

    A man is on his own, always was, always will be.

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    Re: Man killed by playing video game? Only MGTOW see the truth.

    Man that's one disturbing vid.

    Just like the O.P. I also noticed just how quickly his "partner" seemed to calm down.
    "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety." - Benjamin Franklin

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