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    Karma in feminist paradise.

    Karma in feminist paradise.

    by freeychromosome Sun Jul 17, 2016 6:44 pm

    I may have mentioned the notable crossover between nascent white nationalism/pride and the antifeminist/MGTOW phenomenon in the past.

    One might view it as licking the opposite sides of the same redpill. Both recognising that our societies are being royally fucked and that white males and the white birthrate are the primary target.

    Below is a link to what must be my favourite article so far this year. So much karma, so much humour. Especially when seen in conjunction with this from the other place - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14664

    Maybe my soul has turned a darker shade of black but undoubtedly it soars. ... rape/41299

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    Re: Karma in feminist paradise.

    I'm not pleased or happy to see anyone raped, assaulted, murdered, whatever.

    The takeaway I get from this is the degree to which organised feminism isn't a friend of individual women. She was told to keep it quiet: re-victimising her, and threatening every other woman who might go on one of these tours. So much for sisterhood.

    This woman, however, is 45 and has the money to go to court. That is - I'm guessing that she went on this trip not because she had a head full of feminism but because she actually wanted to learn to sail on a Caribbean holiday. She wanted to learn something cool. She has a partner and a couple of kids and wasn't interested in boning or being hit on, so a girls-only trip seems ideal. Good for her. Unfortunately, she (and her partner, I imagine) has been systematically lied to her whole life about certain important facts. If she had had those facts, she would not have done something as ill-advised.

    If she were some 20-something with a head full of feminism, this would be turning out quite differently. The sisterhood would have offered her phony sympathy, would have silenced her with shaming about racism, would have told her that all men are rapists and she should hate all men even more after this, because this rape was just an inevitable consequence of patriarcy, etc etc you know the drill.

    And it would never have occurred to her to say "Just one fucking moment - these people took my money! These are not my friends!"

    You bet exactly that thing is going to occur to a 45-year-old professional. Don't fuck with middle-aged people. We will sue your ass, we will see you put behind bars.

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    Re: Karma in feminist paradise.

    Quote Originally Posted by Freeychromosome View Post
    Quite a few racial epithets in the comments, which I don't care for, but I like the take of this one guy for what may have happened to the woman in question:

    "Girls for Sail" seems too much of a coincidence. If we are to believe her, which is 50/50 in all honesty ("always believe the rape victim!") then why on earth would a "doctor" not find it odd that they wouldn't give her a key? "Sure, I'll just sleep her and wait for some man who doesn't exist to lock my door for me." WTF? So yeah, sounds like probably a package deal, like how you are just expected to know that a massage comes with a "happy ending," if they told you, it'd be illegal. They were probably like, "Girls for Sail, wink wink, large black demographic, wink wink." And this dumb feminist "doctor" was like, cool, sailing lessons. Alright!
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