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    "Just Choose Better Bro" - new video by Colttaine

    Comeback video from my favourite MGTOW creator, covering a paper on how machine learning couldn't predict any success factors for couples who dated for at least 7 months:

    Awesome analysis as usual!

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    Re: "Just Choose Better Bro" - new video by Colttaine

    Interesting video.

    I think success factors are hard to predict because women are so good at hiding their true intentions. I know several women who were posting happy family life stuff on social media but behind the scenes they were cheating or not had sex for months.
    Men are becoming MGTOW by the millions, most without ever having heard the term. They are simply doing what all living organisms finding themselves in a toxic environment do. They adapt to it or remove themselves from it. Females are not liking either the adaptations or the removal.


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    Re: "Just Choose Better Bro" - new video by Colttaine

    John Gottman reports success in predicting divorce, fwiw, based on decades of careful study of couples interacting on videotape. His research team dissects the quality/process of couple interaction. I'm not sure whether those same factors would translate to this question -- which couples make it 7 months.

    These guys are using AI machine learning and a collection of rather superficial, easily observed factors. That's a reasonable place to start -- that's where all research usually starts, because it's easy -- but not exactly a thorough or deep approach. I'm not surprised it came up empty.

    I'm glad Coltaine is still around. I thought he hung it up. I enjoyed a couple of his videos ("non-trivial percentage," "why would you even want a woman?"), way back when.

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    Re: "Just Choose Better Bro" - new video by Colttaine

    I too enjoy Coltaine's videos, and watched this one with interest, but I still don't understand how the AI part ties into the overall larger theme......

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