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    James Bond: The Ultimate MGTOW-- A Fantasy of My Ideal Lifestyle. Part III

    Once I settle in, I will meet up with fellow MGTOWs and indulge in epicurean and hedonistic pleasures. Restaurants, strip clubs, night life, hikes, sports, activities, nature-- they're all on the itinerary. And, yes, I may even have a local young lady accompany me sometimes. The MGTOW lifestyle (like James Bond's) is all about freedom and independence, which is your birthright as a man. In our modern western society, this requires abstinence from marriage and cohabitation, but it certainly doesn't preclude an occasional sexual or romantic romp with an attractive female, as long as she doesn't get her hooks into your life. For me, this will not be a problem. After all, my home, along with my assets and possessions, are thousands of miles away, safely out of her reach.

    I'm back home.

    It's been an exhilarating few weeks. I'll relax for a few days to recover from my trip. At this point, I just want to be alone, and bask in the afterglow of a great time (Imagine having a cantankerous wife and noisy kids spoiling these glorious moments!). Surely, I will plan another, equally exciting, vacation soon, but for now, it's time for peace and quiet.

    Once I'm feeling fresh again, I'll indulge in my hobbies.

    Perhaps I'll hone my oil painting skills, and continue working on that canvas that's been sitting on my easel?

    Or, should I take my Beretta M9 and meet a few friends at the shooting range? When we're done, we can have a couple of rounds of beer at the pub.

    Or, maybe I'll just sit down to write The Great American Novel?

    I'll definitely resume my weight training workouts to keep in shape. Gotta offset the damage I did during my gastronomic rampage overseas. If I'm sore the next day, I can always reward myself with a full body massage at my local spa, just like the one Bond enjoyed in Never Say Never Again.

    Later on in the day, just before sunset, I may rest on my balcony, and enjoy the serene views of the city below. I'll have a glass of Cognac in one hand, and a Cuban cigar in the other (the one that I picked up on my trip to Havana four months ago).

    I'll close the night with a movie, or maybe I'll just read a few posts on the MGTOW forum.

    Ah, yes. This is the life....

    ..... If I ever get bored, I can always hit up my MGTOW friends, and we'll head out to the casino for a couple of days. Hey, you only live twice.

    Thanks for reading.

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