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    Is my dad a Beta male?

    So my parents are both Boomers born in the early 60's. From 1960-1964, and are about 30 years my senior give or take. They are good parents who never took any sort of risk, played it safe and did what they were supposed to do. I always had food, a roof over my head, and plenty of luxuries. They were good to me.

    But when it comes to women and dating I grew up absolutely clueless and I kinda just stood in silence today and asked myself if my dad would be considered "a beta male".

    Mind you, he grew up in a totally different time cannon then I am. He was always there for me but he only vaguely talked about women with me and it was never in any sort of great detail. Like how to please them. He never mentioned exercise. I basically had to have a crash course in women with Rollo's work and the manosphere to bring me "up to date" on today's situation.

    He is very sedentary, has his select hobbies, 4 friends, and is a very quiet and docile person without much of a temper and people think he could be my grandfather.

    Is this beta behavior? Can you even compare the Boomer generation to now? He doesn't strike me as a total Liberal pussy but he isn't an Apex man either.

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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Erm, he's your dad, why do you need people on the internet to tell you, the person that knows him best what to think?

    You'd need to provide a massive wall of text describing your father which people may not have the heart to read through.

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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Quote Originally Posted by 89087908sde View Post

    Is this beta behavior? Can you even compare the Boomer generation to now? He doesn't strike me as a total Liberal pussy but he isn't an Apex man either.
    He's no puss, though of course he is a beta, and a good thing for you he is. Otherwise, your father would probably be in the wind. Before the States got into the child support business a lot a fathers just disappeared.

    You can't compare today with when your parents were young. Maybe big daddy government wouldn't let a woman starve back then, but it was not a career choice like it is today. A woman without a man supporting her was an outcast, least in a small town. Your parents generation hated welfare bums and thought there was something wrong with every last one.

    Though women were more trouble than they were worth even back then, things were not nearly as one sided as they are today. Liberated or not, they still needed men till sometime in the 70's.
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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Yeah probably. I mean - does he have a life mission? Is he a natural leader-of-men? Most men are beta, and that's ok. And you know, if your folks are still together and mostly seem to like one another, then it's working for him. He got lucky.

    My position on MGTOW is that it's not a universal truth: it's a result of the times we live in today. Husband-and-father is a fine and even noble life pathway to choose, honoured and beloved grandfather is a fine destiny worth the effort to attain. The problem these days is that that option is not truly available, only an illusory false promise of it.

    Yeah, it's a downer that your dad's life experiences don't give him much background to help you navigate your way through today's waters, but that's true of pretty much everyone. Just be sure not to take his inevitably blue-pill advice.

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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    He could be alpha or beta. You have told us nothing which is unique to either.

    Sounds like you have the wrong understanding of what alpha and beta is.
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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Everybody's dad is a beta male lol.

    Just kidding. Look, traditionalism was instituted so that men like your dad who wouldn't otherwise have access to women would have a chance to pass on their genes. This is why tradcon men fight so hard to keep intact their delusions about the female gender. Their role in propagating male enslavement and demented female psychology can't be understated.

    I guess you can work the "beta" out of your system by working out and being more assertive, but the end goal can't be to get a woman.
    "No men who really think deeply about women can retain a high opinion of them; men either despise women or they have never thought seriously about them." Otto Weininger.

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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Men from back then didn’t have the internet…probably 99% of us would just go along with the ways of the times without the power of the internet.

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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Compare with my dad. Married his HS sweetheart at 19, had a kid. Couple years in she separated from him because she wanted to experience everything she missed out on by marrying young and not going to college. She had a hookup during the trial separation and they got divorced.

    Dad met my mom who had just a baby with another guy. They get married, have me, he adopts my mom's other kid.

    Other than having me, he admits that he regrets most of it. Warned me off getting married.

    His problem was that he grew up in a string Catholic family with a bunch of sisters. He always wanted to be a husband/dad. He wishes now that he had been more selfish in life.

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    Re: Is my dad a Beta male?

    Why do men back other men into a corner with this Alpha/ beta shit? It's the reason why women play mind games.

    Nobody is 100% Alpha or Beta all the time. There are some things you excel at but somethings you suck at.

    Enough with this nonsense.

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