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    Is MGTOW about finding inner peace and rejecting validation from other people?

    I’ve been through some stuff in my life and always been more of a loner. But I always had problems with feeling lonely and at times in my life I would seek validation that I wasn’t just a crappy person by entering relationships with women that I knew just weren’t right. Once the novelty would wear off it was pretty much right back to feeling lonely or worse…much worse. This has put me on my path to finding inner peace, happiness and satisfaction with myself regardless of the real life interactions with people that are women or so called friends. Perhaps once you can do away with the feelings of wanting to attract other people to validate how “good” you are — that is when you can start to really find that inner peace. And when that comes from within there’s no one with the power to tear you down. Despite not having the fanfare, this is a power stronger than any attribute that a woman or friends or society could deem admirable. You don’t have to meet any and standards physically or mentally to harness this power. For example — 400lb bench press because you enjoy lifting? Awesome…hats off. 400lb bench press as a process of gaining admiration from women…not so awesome.

    Anyway, I’m glad we have a place like this to talk thoughts and ideas without all the trappings of real life. When a man comes to place like this he has nothing but but a screen name and his words. How lonely can we really be if we have people to share those thoughts and words with?

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    Re: Is MGTOW about finding inner peace and rejecting validation from other people?

    The worst loneliness comes from being in a relationship with someone who doesn't value you. All you really need in life is a couple of really close friends. I have a group of buddies that I've had since grade school. We don't see each other often, but we stay in touch. That's all men really need. For more frequent male unloading, I can call my dad. He gets to vent about my mom, I can vent about work or whatever, it's great.

    Since becoming an adult, he's treated me like a close buddy, so I'm more than happy to serve as his confidant. Lord knows women don't give a crap about our problems. The second a guy opens up about his vulnerabilities, issues, trauma, etc...they lose any attraction/respect for them. It's not even their fault. That's what female brains (even in many non-human species) are wired to do. Look for the strongest male. No one feels sorry for the depressed silverback sulking in the corner.

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    Re: Is MGTOW about finding inner peace and rejecting validation from other people?

    For me, redpilling and GYOW have been a process that seems never to cease. As the months and years go by, I feel like I live on a higher plane than that vast majority of people around me. Note I did not say a "superior" plane, but a higher plane, one that's put me at a distance from all the unintentionally self-destructive (but pleasurable) nonsense I used to involve myself in. Is there a spiritual component to it? I have no clue. But I'd say a life of detachment from stupid things does take some getting used to, if for no other reason than I spent decades living otherwise, and it's sometimes difficult to let that "baseline" fade into the distance. It feels like something is lost. Well, yeah, something is lost, and it never did me any good. We sometimes mistakenly associate loss with tragedy. But that association is often flawed. Occasionally I have to remind myself of that, even after all this time.

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    Re: Is MGTOW about finding inner peace and rejecting validation from other people?

    Once you stop caring about other people's opinions it takes a lot of pressure off of you. In a lot of cases they really don't care. They don't consider you important enough to care about.

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    Re: Is MGTOW about finding inner peace and rejecting validation from other people?

    If there's one thing that all of philosophy agrees on, and seems to have been known since the beginning of recorded history,, "Happiness comes from within". You can find no other long term source.
    This is why it's a never ending hamster wheel to try and make anyone else happy, or think for a moment you can find someone else to make you happy.
    Despite this timeless universal truism we're conditioned from birth to believe that someone of the opposite gender out there who'll make us happy, with a few conditions of course,,,,if we choose right!,,,,,,,,,and treat them right!
    The conditions are so broad, malleable and ill-defined they're actually meaningless.

    If you really do understand MGTOW AWALT theory, that is, the true nature of human females and human relationships then you'll instantly stop craving either of them, and instantly lose any loneliness for them.
    You'll instantly stop feeling like a loner, which is a guilt shaming tactic used by the hive mentality, and start enjoying your own company. You'll never stop thanking the creator for every moment of your solitude.

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    Re: Is MGTOW about finding inner peace and rejecting validation from other people?

    Well, I remember a time when being involved with women really did matter to me as a marker of success. I think alot of it had to do with guys bragging back in highschool, and it must be said, seeing different things in pornos back in the 90's. Bedding lots of women, engaging in various sexual acts. I've done that... accomplished those goals, and then some. And well, none of that helps me now, not in any material way.

    I think one of the things that hurts most about the Redpill is when you discover that women don't give a fuck about who you are, or what you have done (good or ill)... The only thing that matters is money and status, in the end. They'd rather be with a rich psychopath than a good man. (And I've seen that happen in my own life, when a girl I loved went with the rich guy instead of me. And he viciously abused her for decades...)

    Anyways, as you get older, your priorities change. It's a natural part of the human life cycle, and deeply tied in with hormonal changes as you age. The Wall and Baby-Rabies that women experience are all the result of hormonal changes, for instance.

    But the thing is... I can't pay my bills with other people's opinions. That is a true fact of life. So those opinions don't matter that much. Also, part of my Redpilling came from having "dear old friends" turn on me in the most horrible of ways... My 3rd-grade puppy love scammed me out of everything but my car, and when I fled to couch-crash with my best friend of 20 years, he tried to scam me out of my car too (I got away intact).

    But having been betrayed by the exact people who I -should- have been able to trust the most... Man, after that, I decided to build a life as completely independent as I possibly can. It's not perfect, but I'm almost 100% self-sufficient at this point. Working on that last few percentage points. And MGTOW is the key.

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