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    Intentionally misleading title, but actual sense otherwise

    This Young Mother Is Giving Up On Her Kids And I Don't Blame Her.

    Look at that tag line. What a piece of shit! If you have kids you don't give up on them. You're supposed to be there for them, to guide them through life's struggles, but allow them to handle the hardships on their own so they can grow.

    Turns out, that's pretty much what this article is saying. I read it and realized that what the women wrote is not even close to what the title suggests. Which, is actually a good thing because this female seems to have swallowed a red pill or two.

    Summary: Woman refuses to spoil her kids so they grow up healthy. Title is blatantly false to attract views, which it succeeded at with me, and now I'm bitter over an article which would have actually been nice.

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    Re: Intentionally misleading title, but actual sense otherwise

    woman refuses to be a woman then, I guess.

    whenever a woman ejects the father from the home, she's giving up on her kids. whenever she spoils her girls or emasculates her boys, she's giving up on her kids. whenever she turns her son into her new husband, she's giving up on her kids.

    women give up on their kids more often than not.

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