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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    Quote Originally Posted by JustWannaRetireFk View Post
    Dam, it sounds like your family is not doing any fucking favours to your mental health whatsoever, legit you need to leave that environment and go somewhere peaceful, seems like anywhere else would be an improvement compared to your current position.
    I did have a better mental state every time I lived with girlfriends. Not because of them but the second income and was able to not have to be at my parents.

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    Quote Originally Posted by BedroomBully View Post
    I get 1199 per month. .. It sucks, unfortunately. Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know I'm wasting my life here but what life would I have on my own?
    What life could you have on your own is up to your imagination, if one were to see what has been done by others in a similar or worse situations:-

    (i) living free in off-grid communities, and growing what they eat (or some have saved up enough money to buy a patch of cheap land and work it into a permaculture food forest), or

    (ii) what Richart Sowa did, he built 3 floating islands in his life (the famous ones are Spiral Island, Joyxee Island) out of thousands of plastic water bottles he collected in discarded fishing nets ( or

    (iii) some have backpacked to 3rd world countries where $1000 a month would be multiple times the median household wage and live like a king (or at least quite comfortably), or

    (iv) some have turned a used van into small mobile home (, and travelled the country, etc.

    If you believe you are wasting your life and you have a vision, its still not too late to go for it.

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    Quote Originally Posted by BedroomBully View Post
    I don't have the money for it. Rent in a ghetto shithole room (not apartment, room) is at least $1000 + utility. I get 1199 per month. How could I even live? ... Stuck between a rock and a hard place. I know I'm wasting my life here but what life would I have on my own?
    Another possible option for you - a couple in Panama lives very comfortably on $1200 a month, and that's for 2 people ( As a single person, perhaps you'd be able to live even more comfortably. Its something you may want to consider to better improve your living situation.

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    Honestly the thing which stuck with me most is that your parents cut you out of their will. Sounds like they don't value you at all. If anything with your disability, they should be prioritising you.

    To echo what others have said, it sounds like what you really need is a stable job, your own place and to quit drinking. Probably easier said than done, I know - but what else, do you want to be dependent on government benefits and living with your parents for your whole life?

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    Dear Bedroom Bully,

    Firstly you have done the right thing by coming to a place where there are some people who actually give a sh*t to get advice. I know I'm implicitly including myself in that collective self-blow but whatever*.

    Secondly I'll say that you have listed your problems and the context behind them clearly and rationally. I believe you are capable of more than you believe. This may seem meagre praise, but you'd be surprised how few people can communicate well.

    Thirdly, your family are dragging you down. You sister-in-law falsely accusing you of grooming is unacceptable. You parents should not be indifferent about that. This is a hard lesson to learn but, you are better off on your own than with those who hold you down. I am in my mid-thirties and honestly, its only been a couple of years that I've been living in line with that. Yes it means I have (very) few I associate with meaningfully, yes its better off on the whole.**

    Fourth, I have no doubt that you financial situation is challenging, as is changing it. However there is no avoiding that you must create your own income somehow. Disability means being the government's bitch and they will process you like dog-food the instant it suits them too. Use the free time that you have and isolate your problems to identify solutions. For example, can't work well with others? Ok then you'll have to get a job that involves little interaction with others. This is limiting and options aren't great but neither is living on disability.

    Take things day by day, making small but consistent changes. Life will knock you back sometimes and that's ok. Be patient, realistic and determined. You can change your life. Whatever you do, god-speed sir. You have one life and you deserve to enjoy it as best you can.

    *I never knew just how flexible I am.

    **Doubly so if like me you're a pessimistic f***er who thinks that bad times are coming. When things turn sour, be around those you can rely on, even if its only yourself.

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    GTS peer here, OP. My advice is not to see my GTS as a disability. I know it has got nothing to do with cognitive functioning. I managed to incorporate my facial tics into my mimics. IDGAF what people think about them but usually I don't get any comments about it. And if I do I explain the situation: those tics are like deep, bad thoughts. The more I try to repress them, the worse they get.
    What I'm trying to say is: don't let the GTS lead you. Instead lead it.

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    Re: I would like your opinion on my situation

    I'm not sure where you live but do you live near any local fruit farms? They are often in need of pickers, it can be hard work but it does pay and it's easy to do. Throw a few applications around, take any old job you can find to get some experience as it's easier to level up in the job market when you have a job. Honestly, your disability may not be much of a hindrance at all, my dad has a friend who was in a serious car accident as a child and suffered some brain damage. He works through an agency and even during crap times for the workforce, he is NEVER out of a job.

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