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    I told you about listen about his brother Matt.

    I shared a quick tale about my friend Adam who was never interested in women his whole life in any way and always just did his own thing with his job and his projects and video games until at age dirty30 he had his first serious relationship (and hopefully last) and how that's now going for him

    Now, let me tell you about his brother Matt. Listen up, Matt is Adams complete and total opposite. Matt is a social butterfly and loves to party, even to this day and until the day he dies. When matt gets wasted, his eyes go all like cookie monster from sesame street, so those of us who are close to this effing guy call him "Cookie".

    Cookie, his brother Adam and I grew up together, and when we were all around 18-21 years old, Adam liked to stay home and game out while me and Cookie would be out at clubs, at parties, chasing pussy and getting in shit. Now see the difference between me and Cookie is that Cookie played a lot of girls in relationships at the same time and got some young bish he was dating pregs, while good 'ol Happy here always rather put a rubber on it then put a ring on it, know what I'm saying?

    Anyways, we'll call Cookie's new expecting young (future single) mother of a girlfriend Alicia. Cookie and Alicia moved in together in an apartment in the same building I was living in (just effing great). In fact, in the apartment right next to mine (it gets worse) and I'm thrilled for them (I know where this is going but am still clueless just how bad).

    When baby boo was born teenage mommy was already dropping her off at evening day care (her parents house) all the time and having parties at their apartment. Her and Cookie fought all the time, I could here all the back and forth cat and dog fighting right through my walls, regular basis. She was always checking him for hickies, even in front of their friends. He told me she smelled his dick for other pussy Laughing like holy crap man.

    All the time Cookie would be at my door to hide from Alicia and her cow friend we called Mary Moo. I shit you not, they would come to my door looking for cookie. She used the massive bulk of Mary Moo to push past me and they literally would search my apartment. When I say search I mean police search. More then once Alicia dug through a pile of dirty laundry large enough to hide a man (I was 19, c'mon). Sometimes he was there and sometimes he wasn't but in both cases they just looked effing stupid anyway Mad and this retarded shit was also regular basis.

    Over the years the young couple had to move to so many apartments because when they fought she would make threats to call the cops on him and when she'd do it she'd get an order so that he cant go to the house. Then at first freaking light the next morning she'd be trying to get him to move in back in on the down-low (into the apartments he was always paying for) until they got a new place and rebuild the relationship for, in her wise words "the sake of our child"...Bwa ha ha ha!!! At the same time, she has a gun to his head in the form of some kinda court order bullshit and can bend his ass over any time with a jail bit

    This spectacle continued about two more years until she left him for some pussy with a bigger wallet and no back bone to buy better shit for her and Cookie's kid. That new dude got tonnes of horse-sized red pills shoved all the way up his ass by Alicia afterwords, I am sure

    Now years later Alicia still got payments coming in from Cookie and like fifty other dudes and cookie went on to have another kid with another young bish and in a little while I'll tell you gents how she fucked Cookie too!

    Hope you enjoyed

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    Re: I told you about listen about his brother Matt.

    Does Canada have alimony mate? Cause from what I've seen it is really only America that has it. In Australia the most you'll get billed for is child support. I know it is the difference between HIV and Syphilis, but if he had to pay alimony in addition to child support, then it would be a much worse situation.

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    Re: I told you about listen about his brother Matt.

    Child support ends, in many cases alimony is for life. When they say the wedding vows are until death they are onnly talking about the man's financial obligation. One time, years ago, I had that golden day when my last CS payment went out the door. I was so happy that I told everyone in sight. At work was this woman that was about my age, still ok looking (Asian), and I thought smart. When I told her I had just paid my last CS, she looked at me like that does not compute. She asked how can it end? I told her the child turned 19 (Alabama unilaterally exteded it a year after my divorce settlement was final.) She still could not wrap her head around the idea that men did not owe a woman a lifetime of support for having had a child.

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    Re: I told you about listen about his brother Matt.

    About alimony in Canada: My own wife hasn't bothered me for anything because I'm a notorious prick. However, I remember my step dad making payments to his ex while he was with my mom, and this was after his own kids were well into their 20s so I'm very sure it's alimony. As far as all my friends who are baby dads, they all getting milked by the baby moms for child support but none of them are married.

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    Re: I told you about listen about his brother Matt.

    " More then once Alicia dug through a pile of dirty laundry large enough to hide a man (I was 19, c'mon). Sometimes he w​as there and sometimes he wasn't "

    I havent laughed so hard in years

    Brilliant !!!
    You cant keep a player down!
    Dont hate him , hate your fuking bullshit game !

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