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    Re: I found that married men are completely unreliable,

    Quote Originally Posted by UnKnownSurviving View Post
    I agree. It's dumb. Marriage is a shit deal. Why would I get married. Hell no. So now, some married guy can't hang out with me or do film projects like they agreed upon. I"m still in mind to cut married guys. Only ones I trust will stay. Not sorry about married guys. I wouldn't get married at all, whatsoever.
    You'll go far if you won't get married, which means you have more time to yourself and your money goes to you.
    It's a man's world and we need to take it by the throat and make it give us what we desire.

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    Re: I found that married men are completely unreliable,

    Don't get too short sighted. The chances of married guys staying married are less than half. The odds are sooner or later that guy that is a friend will need you when his marriage turns to shit. That's what friends are for, to celebrate the good times and to help in times of need. Friendship should be the "long term game". "Short term" friendship mostly ends up one person using the other, that's not friendship. A good friend doesn't have to be in constant contact, but contact should be mutual. It's best to show others you can be a good friend.

    Being single around married couples can be awkward, I try to avoid this, (most men will try to avoid you being there also). I also don't mind being alone.

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