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    Hugging app Cuddlr considered seriously creepy

    This is funny a hugging app is created. Only men want to hug women, women don't contact women for hugs. Totally fail what did they think? You seriously think a guy would waste his time to meet a woman just to hug? I mean a total stranger, even I wouldn't hug someone I don't know, it's really creepy to me. I tried out Cuddlr, the ‘Tinder for cuddling,’ and all I got was severely creeped out - The Washington Post
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    Re: Hugging app Cuddlr considered seriously creepy

    Oh, man, this is so perfectly fucked-up delightful ... It reminds me of Robert Fulghum's book It Was On Fire When I Lay Down On It, and the chapter about The Great Hugging Plague ...

    "The great hugging plague" is how it's remembered now. Broke out in our church in the '70s - back in the days when loving everybody was the way to straighten the world out once and for all. The Sunday Morning Greeters Group started it. They decided to hug every single person who walked in the front door. Wanted to make everyone feel loved and welcome right away. They were just going to try it for a couple of Sundays and see how it went. But things got a little out of hand.

    Sometimes as many as six people were standing around the vestibule of the church on a Sunday morning waiting to hug anything that moved. The Greeters Group even started wearing signs around their necks that said things like: DESIGNATED HUGGER, Hugger at Large, Hug Me, I'm Human, and God Loves a Cheerful Hugger. They thought a little touch of levity would grease the wheels of social interchange and make hugging really happen.

    As I say, it got out of hand. It was said that when business was slow, the huggers hugged each other for practice. Even the janitor got hugged as he tried to clean up some spilled coffee. A stray dog strolled in and got hugged, as did several people looking for the Methodist church nearby. I heard that someone even hugged the coffee urn - it was warm and made comforting sounds, so he hugged it. There was a rumor that some parishioners came just to be hugged, and went home without going to church. Hugging junkies. It became an epidemic. The great hugging plague.

    For those who aren't familiar with Robert Fulghum, he's a Unitarian minister who has written a series of funny, thought-provoking books, starting with All I Really Need To Know I Learned In Kindergarten. Those I own are compilations of (generally) short-short stories, just a couple of pages, that make me laugh ... and make me think. One of these days I'm going to the used-book store and see if I can round out my collection.
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    Re: Hugging app Cuddlr considered seriously creepy

    This is what the author looks like:

    Now c'mon people. I post any picture; people say they need eye-bleach. She isn't that bad. She isn't that good either. In other words, she is the ideal candidate as a below-average woman to loudly trumpet her act of rejecting supposed male interest. Everywhere the same theme- men were supposedly interested in her (of course, she doesn't prove that in much of her story, and most of these men simply used to app the way it was intended, expressing interest in a hug because of proximity) and then highlight that she turned down the supposed interest. She displays the female affinity for juvenile language like 'creepy'. Now take a look at the chompers and the dumbo ears on her pic again above; and imagine the female trait of envy (of her peers who are getting picked up) and scapegoating men rearing its head. We begin to see where this deep-seated resentment towards men comes from; and we see the origins of her bragplaining .

    Is it possible the men in the app turned her down not because they had sexual interests but because her first reaction was to send them a picture of her BF. That wouldn't get any guy's guard up, now would it? It's kind of like:

    Woman: "Here I am, who wants a hug?"
    Guy: "Sure"
    Woman: "Here's my BF, he'll be coming with me, and he doesn't like other guys touching me!"

    She automatically assumes sexual interest because sending her BFs pic drives the man away without thinking about how her behavior comes across - accusatory, implicating, and threatening.

    Dewey has a history of journalistic malpractice, a specialty for distorting facts especially when it comes to taking her ugly-girl rage out on men. In the end she is a typical c-student journalist.

    Alas, as mainstream journalism attempt to slide by simple-minded gender grievances as "news", the people tune out. From a recent WaPo earnings report:

    The Washington Post Co. reported an 85 percent drop in earnings....Daily circulation slipped 7.2 percent, to 457,100 copies, and Sunday circulation slid 7.7 percent, to 659,500 copies in the quarter....Overall, the newspaper division reported an operating loss of $34.5 million in the first quarter
    Finally Canuck is right. Here again women pretend to not understand a primary use case of the app; in fact most articles covering this app, talking about its use for dating; a cute way of saying hi because you see someone you like nearby. Historically, men approach. The wrong kind of woman (see above) want to stigmatize this as much as possible. One just has to remember, if you're going to game, avoid fat or below average women - inside they are seething because the new rules mean much more jealousy from them towards attractive women and a cauldron of resentment for not having the men of their choice pursue them.

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    Re: Hugging app Cuddlr considered seriously creepy

    She may well be a 3rd rate journo but I enjoyed her portrayal as a great white in Jaws.

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    Re: Hugging app Cuddlr considered seriously creepy

    of course the reason why it's "creepy" to a woman is totally different.

    as a guy, I am not used to being approached and groped by strangers. this is something that is basically second nature to women, and they have no problem inflicting it on others. but again, that issue of their total value as humans enters into it: their body is their one asset they can rely on, and without their body they are worthless.
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    what I do have is a particular set of skills. skills I have acquired over a very long career (of ghosting and going my own way). skills that make me a nightmare for people like you (broads).
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    Re: Hugging app Cuddlr considered seriously creepy

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyCanuck View Post
    This is funny a hugging app is created. Only men want to hug women, women don't contact women for hugs.
    Not sure I agree with that, I could see women contacting women and men contacting men. Just neither at a super-high frequency.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyCanuck View Post
    Totally fail what did they think? You seriously think a guy would waste his time to meet a woman just to hug?
    Sure, I probably would've tried this out.

    Quote Originally Posted by CrazyCanuck View Post
    I mean a total stranger, even I wouldn't hug someone I don't know, it's really creepy to me.
    It's not like you HAVE to hug someone, you talk first and can abstain. All the app meant was meeting with the person whose pic/name you saw to talk about the possibility.

    Seems no different from trawling bars for women, we know people do this. The diff here is people can be open about a desire for some physical intimacy and bypass the BS.

    Skips over a lot of dating BS like women expecting you to buy tickets/meal.

    Too bad it ended, had promise.

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