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    Hammerhand's YT channel got nuked

    Hi everyone

    with great sadness I've seen today that Hammerhand's YT channel got nuked. Hammerhand is one of my favorite MGTOW content creators. I like him because he's genuine and moreover he tells it like it is. The attacks on the MGTOW community are growing exponentially lately, this is just the start. Honestly said I'm pissed . . . had so many good laughs when watching his videos. I guess I will have to see them on Bitchute. I noticed that even on there is a great deal of censorship going on.
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    Re: Hammerhand's YT channel got nuked

    I was just about to post this. This is outright bullshit. Hammer told it like it was. Im gonna miss his short videos. His regular chat videos were awesome. He didn't even condemn anyone. He just told his experiences. He even had cooking videos. I looked him up on bitchute and its too hard to navigate on a phone. God speed brother.

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