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    Google tells you why matriachy is good while patriarchy is evil

    I think I don't need to say much on this one. The gaslighting is very real.

    Dominance and control of men = le bad.

    Dominance and control of women = le good (for women only. they don't care what men think or want).

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    Re: Google tells you why matriachy is good while patriarchy is evil

    And yet, women outnumber men nearly two to one on college campuses and the anxiety and negativity are at all time highs:

    Female dominance of the campus population is intimately tied to the rhetoric of unsafety and victimhood. Females on average score higher than males on the personality trait of neuroticism, defined as anxiety, emotional volatility, and susceptibility to depression. (Mentioning this long-accepted psychological fact got James Damore fired from Google.) Victorian neurasthenia has been reborn on campuses today as alleged trauma inflicted by such monuments of Western literature as Ovid’s Metamorphoses. Hearing an argument that chromosomes, not whim, make males male and females female is another source of alleged existential threat.

    When students claim to be felled by ideas that they disagree with, the feminized bureaucracy does not tell them to grow up and get a grip. It validates their self-pity. On taking the helm of Barnard College in 2018 before ascending four years later to Dartmouth, Beilock pledged to ensure that the college was an “inclusive environment free from fear and hate.” Both terms are overwrought. There is nothing at Barnard or any other American campus that could rationally be cause for “fear” (apart from the possible incursion of violent street crime from surrounding areas); there has never been a more welcoming, supportive, and tolerant institution in human history than a college campus, at least toward humanity’s traditionally marginalized groups. Likewise, “hate” can be found here only under its new definition as a disfavored ideological position—the position, say, that seven-year-olds should not have premature knowledge of sexuality forced upon them via in-school “gender” instruction.
    “Associate yourself with men of good quality if you esteem your own reputation; for it is better to be alone than in bad company.” – George Washington

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    Re: Google tells you why matriachy is good while patriarchy is evil

    There was a meme about the patriarchy vs matriarchy on the old reddit boards. Basically, it showed a woman talking about a matriarchal society in Sub-Saharan Africa were all decisions were made by women and the women were much happier than they are in the west. The answer to that, yeah, that's why they have Malaria while I can order a pizza without even getting up from the couch.

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    Re: Google tells you why matriachy is good while patriarchy is evil

    Women having increased autonomy translates to: "Women are allowed to yield to the more vile and despicable hypergamous aspects of their nature without consequences."

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