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    Gooding Jr. groping trial set to start in New York

    Oscar-winning actor Cuba Gooding Jr. is set to go on trial Thursday on a misdemeanor groping charge stemming from a New York City bar encounter in June.
    But that's what the Manhattan District Attorney's Office said in September when jury selection was supposed to begin and instead the case was postponed because prosecutors said they were still waiting for evidence in the case.
    Could another delay be in the cards? Justin Henry, spokesman for District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr., declined to discuss the matter with USA TODAY, saying in an email that an "appearance" in the case was scheduled.
    Mark Heller, Gooding's New York defense attorney, said in an email: "We intend to stand ready for a trial."
    Gooding, 51, has pleaded not guilty, insisting that "nothing happened."
    His is the second celebrity criminal case scheduled to be tried in New York in the post-#MeToo era. It's also a rare example of prosecuting a groping case, a crime seldom reported in New York, says local criminal defense attorney Stuart Slotnick

    --------------------Do not know anything about this actor, thought the name was a baseball player, the point. Groping charge and trial. Even if he win the case, he has already spend in NYC I am sure over 100k. No sex just a handful of ass or boobs. Here is what I bet happened, she flirted, he took a hand full they chatted it up in the end he said no, and she was not happy being rejected.

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    Re: Gooding Jr. groping trial set to start in New York

    Wher's your evidence? Send it to the DA quick! Or this case may never go to trial. (They're waiting for evidence. LOL!)

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