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    Getting rid of most of my relatives has been one of the best decisions of my life

    I dont mean in a hitman sense of course, I mean that I ghosted them all.

    No useless phone calls for xmas or birthdays, changed my number without sharing it with them and surely not attending family gatherings anymore.

    I hope you had a better family that I did but reading many of your posts it seems its no the case.

    I never had any kind of help or support when I was a kid and needed some care wheter we talk about car lifts, emotional guidance or warm.

    Any family gathering was a pain in the ass, everyone was there to show how cool he/she was to put people down and clearly mock me cause I was skinny and with no opinion never mattered when it came of chosing where to go or what to eat but still there was still this savage worth habit of being "togheter" meaning phone calls, greetings, talk to oldies cause they are alone and so on.

    At some point I realized that such toxic environment was not a good thing in my life, cut the ties with all and no explanation given and fvck the oldies too not gonna drag them now that they need support when they didnt give a flying fvck back then.

    Im sure that many of my problems in my youth all came from a crappy family environment, while my genetic was not the best you could get, the oppressive polluted atmosphere surely didnt help.

    I really dont understand why many guys keep such people around when they are clearly emotional and economical vampires and a source of negativity over ther life.

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    Re: Getting rid of most of my relatives has been one of the best decisions of my life

    I feel your pain, brother.
    And I am happy for your gain...
    You see, life does get better.
    As soon as she says "I do", she don't
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