I wanted to share an old and in my opinion, obscure murder case which perfectly demonstrates that there are dangers to geomaxxing. This was before I got into MGTOW, the red pill, and other knowledge that the mainstream shuns as I had a phase about a decade ago of binge-watching crime documentaries.

Many men in the red pill community advocate geomaxxing and that you can find your NAWALT waiting for you in Southeast Asia, however, this story is a cautionary tale to help remind these people that hypergamy is universal.

Steven Davis was a 32-year-old British businessman who worked as an expat in the Philippines. He frequented a bar and married a 17-year-old girl (who claimed to be 21) called Evelyn who would perform entertainment there. She was from an impoverished background and her family where pleased she married such an affluent man.

They moved into a large house and had two children together. However, not all was well as she became ungrateful, and likely the intimacy completely dropped off too. She reportedly “entertained” men while her husband was away. At some point, she befriended a local security guard, our “Chad” of the story named Alex Dagami. Despite being on a substantially lower salary than Stephen, Evelyn conspired to kill her husband and then monkey-branch to him.

Stephen’s mother was naturally distraught that her son had been murdered and managed to help authorities track down the killers. There’s a memorable moment in the documentary when she asked Evelyn while in prison “Why did you do it?” she didn’t answer but we all know “Because hypergamy doesn’t care, of course!”.

I think I am still too new to the forum to directly hyperlink content:

  • Daily Mail, 12th September 2006, Geoffrey Wansell, A mother's revenge for the murder of her son
  • YouTube, Black Widow: Murdering Her Husband For Money | Real Crime