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    Gen Z gets it right on women having supremacy rather than equality

    I am not surprised. Gen Z would be seeing this more than anyone and boys in particular would be feeling the hit. I like the first lines of the story - "A surprising number of people in younger generations believe that women’s rights have gone too far, with a new survey revealing gender equality progress could be at risk of stalling."

    Ummmm no. What the respondants of the survery are saying is that equality no longer exists because women have more rights than men. So I guess in a way the above lines are right, equality is stalling but not in the way the article means it.

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    Re: Gen Z gets it right on women having supremacy rather than equality

    Women have way more rights than men, and no matter how much you give them, they just bitch and whine for more rights among many other privileges. They even have protests every time it's a "special day" for them, like International Cunt's Day, demanding more rights. I ask these bitches, what rights do you want that you don't already have? They have it all and it's still not good enough!
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    It's a man's world and we need to take it by the throat and make it give us what we desire.

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    Re: Gen Z gets it right on women having supremacy rather than equality

    A woman can take everything a man has in court and can completely ruin his life and career with a baseless false allegation of sexual misconduct.

    I’ve never known a man with that kind of power in the system. Equality my balls. Women are being catered to and iconized to the point where they can think or do no wrong. If some bitch tells you the sun is made of marshmallows you better go along with it or she’ll find a way to fuck you over.

    The only thing worse than a woman with power is a woman who knows she has that power.

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    Re: Gen Z gets it right on women having supremacy rather than equality

    Gen z men are correct that a lot of women do want supremacy. But the flipside is that Gen Z men need to rise above that muck and realize that building credit, money or skills is still very important.

    The danger that Gen Z men face is that they give up on trying to elevate themselves to something greater. Given the state of women in the western world it is understandable that a lot of motivation for young men is not there.

    But they have to find a way to motivate themselves to improve their lives. Not only because of the present but what their future will look like in 10, 20 or 30 years from now. They owe their future selves as men to actually work hard now so they don't have to suffer when they are older.

    That is the dangerous blindspot I see in a lot of young gen z men as they are not working as hard thinking that this somehow will reset the world, but it will not.

    Women due to hypergamy will never date down, financial institutions will only ramp up requirements for higher credit scores or money down for properties, etc. The world is becoming more hyper competitive so gen z men need to realize that time is their greatest tool on their side. Use that time wisely!

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