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    I finally got to watch The Red Pill movie.

    In 1993 the late great Robin Williams did a movie called "Mrs. Doubtfire" which I have to say was the only Robin Williams film I have ever watched that caused me to go into a total meltdown. My wife (at the time) put the movie on at my parents house, which ended badly. I was yelling about how much bullshit that movie was and the lies in it. It took me days to calm down enough to be able to talk normally without stating what women are worth and just were the fuck they can go. I think you guys get the idea I was a "tad" upset. However why wouldn't I be, after all I was going through the child support bullshit at the time and getting the shit end of the stick. Now don't get me wrong I have always loved Robin Williams and his TV shows and movies, except for that one. At the time I did not know he was going through (or going to go through) the same thing himself. Today I think he made "Mrs. Doubtfire" to encourage men to hang in there when it seems or actually is hopeless.

    The Red Pill movie started out with me saying "Well no shit Sherlock" and ended with me yelling all kinds of violent and not so nice things at my TV. I found myself angry and upset at Jaye's resistance to what she uncovered and trying to find a way to spin the current situation into being a man's fault. I found myself getting even more angry at her attempt to try and search for a reason to blame men. Then finally at the end she claims not to be a feminist anymore. Like I fucking care and hope she sleeps better at night.

    Yes this film gets banned across the globe because it does expose the truth on how just disposable men are and how little we are thought of. However make no mistake, she is not a feminist right now only because it suits her in order to get more cash from more men. I do not believe for one second that she has any sympathy for men nor does she care. Yes the film does expose how men are being treated, however it is hidden and dilaudid under layers of self-remorse and victim-hood narcissistic bullshit. She even goes to the point of crying while watching a baby get circumcised so we all know she cares about men's rights. If women cared that much about us, this bullshit would have never gone this far.

    I think the few hundred thousand bucks she gets to sleep on (or whatever she earned) probably lets her sleep better. Do I think she cares about men, well fuck NO, just like the rest of those CU U U N N T T S S aa (yes sounds refreshing but it ain't). Just know this, if that bitch is on fire.. She would have to be dancing around to stay in my stream of piss, since I would avoid pissing on her if she was on fire. After all I would not want to do something so oppressive as to piss on her while she is on fire.
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    Re: I finally got to watch The Red Pill movie.

    I started to watch it this morning and found myself fast forwarding through it. Most of it for me was a rehash of the obvious, although it might be good for the uninitiated. I may try to revisit again later.

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    Re: I finally got to watch The Red Pill movie.

    You want to really get mad. Check out the nonsense they put on the news in Canada. I actually do think there is a rape culture on college campuses. It is a culture of feminists claiming that anything a straight while male does is rape. Time to stop taking the work rape seriously in any context until they start using it in a serious manner.
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