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    The first feminist robot in Brazil

    I almost forgot to post this news. We were talking about technologies like Artificial Wombs and Fembots in another thread but some weeks ago, here in Brazil, a bank called Bradesco created our first feminist Artificial Intelligence. You can see it in that video above, it is in Portuguese but there is English caption.

    It is a kind of female chatbot that can feel hard words when the customers are pissed off dealing with all that annoying shit in the phone. Then, to make it worse, now the fembot can give feminist answers demanding respect and to stop being oppressed like a woman and just stop talking. Lol

    Of course, many Mgtows and Anti Feminists here did not waste time, gave all dislikes as possible in that video, and spoke some red pill truths in the comments.

    But even with all the reactions, this is another point that makes me think how they will use new technologies against us in a near future. This is why I see this as an important topic. But I will write more about this in another thread.

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    Re: The first feminist robot in Brazil

    I can already see a huge loss out of a mans bank account due to errors, bugs, glitches etc. Because being civil & assertive will never be in favor of the bitch it will be counted as harassment. Unless you let it dominate by apologizing & yelling to cancel dispute so it keeps the charge. Not good. Everyone else is going to make deals with this shit if Asia hasnít already. Feminist headquarters in our good ol city of Portland would love this.

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    Re: The first feminist robot in Brazil

    WTF? Banko de feminazi!

    I bet I could get that artificial answering machine to hang up and call a swat team!
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