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    Female paedophile in England gets only 8 months after being caught in fraganti

    Yes, you read that right: a female teacher who was caught by the British police having sex with an underage girl -who was one of her students- was punished with ONLY EIGHT MONTHS in jail. I would like to know what would have been the result if the molester was a man.

    If the URL to the article doesn't work, here are some excerpts:

    "Aimee Jones, 35, was caught having a sexual relationship with the girl by her social worker husband Philip, who told police."

    "She has now been jailed for eight months after admitting engaging in sexual activity with a child"

    But that is not the only infuriating thing about this case. It turns out that Ms. Jones' husband knew she had an affair with a woman! And he let her have it:

    "Jones and her husband agreed to stay together for the sake of their four-year-old son but he later discovered the teaching assistant was actually a teenage girl."

    Of course, what he didn't know was the age of her lover:

    "Jones, head of science and maths, first approached the teen last year when she was just 15."

    "The mum-of-one had invented a female teaching assistant she was having an affair with at the school in Darlington, County Durham, to throw him off the scent."

    The illustrious teacher even got her colleagues at the school to lie to her husband:

    "She even asked her school to pretend there was a member of staff by that name if he called to check"

    Again, what would have happenned if the abusive teacher was a man?

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    Re: Female paedophile in England gets only 8 months after being caught in fraganti

    It's a good thing the husband finally got around to reporting this to the police, otherwise they would've figured out a way to blame it on him, or make him an accessory. From a quick browse of the topic, it looks like average sentences for this type of offense are at least 19 months. Maybe this is the vagina owner reduced sentence program.

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