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    Even Tim Pool is starting to see the BS

    Even Tim Pool is calling out women for their inability to find "good men". Tim's pretty liberal. Him seeing this stuff is a good sign.

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    Re: Even Tim Pool is starting to see the BS

    Men are failing, that's true, but men that get women and dating off their minds are soaring! We're learning, we're adapting, we're overcoming, we see the insurmountable obstacles this relatively new gender paradigm where women are granted great advantage and preference over men in all social and legal settings, we see the massive extensive carnage perpetrated on mankind by this toxic cancer called feminism.

    All I have to say to women that desire any kind of "social interaction" in this toxic environment of man belittling, hating, and cucking across all paradigms legal and social, what would you do? Throw your life away? Or just get the fuck away? What fool plays a game designed for him to loose everything?

    Boomerangs are a bitch! They always return to sender, and that's why women can't find a man, her chickens are coming home to roost 20 years later!

    Feminism over Patriarchy is like watching a fine tuned machine tear itself to pieces! Sorry ladies, it's your pile of junk, you're the one that fired the mechanic!

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    Re: Even Tim Pool is starting to see the BS

    Whilst this guy is obviously tradcon at heart I think he is well on his way towards MGTOW. He claims to be financially secure if not affluent, he is a single guy in his 30’s and he’s pretty tuned in to what’s going on around him. In a tradcon society women would be falling over themselves to hook this guy yet he cannot find a woman that shares his take on life.

    Feminism has destroyed any hope of him ever finding his unicorn and he basically says as much. The views of younger women today have been so subverted by the feminist message on television, the movies and especially on the internet that it takes a really strong-minded individual to stand up to the current onslaught of society.

    Where this does happen (if it does) these are going to be the women that make something of their careers, exactly what this guy doesn’t want so he looses again.

    The red pill can come in many forms and I think this guy is choking on a big one. I just hope he manages to swallow it before he gets conned by some gold-digger that screws up his life completely.

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    Re: Even Tim Pool is starting to see the BS

    IF the old axiom that men are the gatekeepers of relationships then what has society done to support men to build, hold, and prosper in such relationships?

    We already know marriage is a no go based on what it has become grinding men in and out. Co-habitating with a woman is no go based on how the state views even a minor infraction.

    So what is left are LTRs, dating and p4p. LTRs are increasingly unlikely in this social media age where women refuse to put a picture of their own husband on a facebook profile. If I showed you a few profiles of these females you would have no clue that they were married or in a LTR. No indication, no pictures, no mention of their SO. Zero. That is a black pill right there.

    Casual dating works but has limitation as women are looking to play the field so it is really your turn for a few times then it is over.

    P4P is what it is and hasn't changed all that much since the dawn of civilization.

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    Re: Even Tim Pool is starting to see the BS

    The guy has a point altough he explains it under the lines.

    What is the point for a man to get in a relationship with a woman who behaves as a man?

    I mean you want husband and kids but dont wanna be a wife and a mother? whats the damn point but most of all whats the use?

    Dont let me started on mid 30s women looking for mid 30s men, thats so ridicolous that it shouldnt even be necessary to explain.

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