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    Elliot Page Files for Divorce From Emma Portner

    "Actor Elliot Page has filed for divorce from wife Emma Portner, new court records show.The 33-year-old “Juno” star — who recently came out as transgender — filed for a contested divorce Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.
    Portner, 26, a professional dancer and choreographer, publicly supported Page’s decision, saying she was “so proud.”

    Commenters: "They are all messed up in the head and probably impossible to live with. Ellen is probably the crazier of the two women, but I bet neither one is a prize.

    So two lesbians get “married” then one decides she is a he and they have to get divorced because the other can’t be married to a “man”? It’s ironic that those who have such a simplistic worldview about everything around them can lead such intensely complicated personal lives. I almost need flashcards to keep track of who is who and who is what."

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    Re: Elliot Page Files for Divorce From Emma Portner

    I got news for you, Mr. CPRA, who's who flashcards don't work under the judicial strobe lights of modern marriage law!

    Just close your eyes and head for the door!
    United we stand, divided we are.

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    Re: Elliot Page Files for Divorce From Emma Portner

    I wonder what the judges say when no one's listening.

    Probably things like, "For this I went to law school?!?"

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