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    Elliot Page Files for Divorce From Emma Portner

    "Actor Elliot Page has filed for divorce from wife Emma Portner, new court records show.The 33-year-old “Juno” star — who recently came out as transgender — filed for a contested divorce Tuesday in Manhattan Supreme Court.
    Portner, 26, a professional dancer and choreographer, publicly supported Page’s decision, saying she was “so proud.”

    Commenters: "They are all messed up in the head and probably impossible to live with. Ellen is probably the crazier of the two women, but I bet neither one is a prize.

    So two lesbians get “married” then one decides she is a he and they have to get divorced because the other can’t be married to a “man”? It’s ironic that those who have such a simplistic worldview about everything around them can lead such intensely complicated personal lives. I almost need flashcards to keep track of who is who and who is what."

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    Re: Elliot Page Files for Divorce From Emma Portner

    I got news for you, Mr. CPRA, who's who flashcards don't work under the judicial strobe lights of modern marriage law!

    Just close your eyes and head for the door!
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    Re: Elliot Page Files for Divorce From Emma Portner

    I wonder what the judges say when no one's listening.

    Probably things like, "For this I went to law school?!?"

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