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    Dear Doctor Willie...

    Check this out..

    I originally did a translation of this one but in the end, it was ridiculiously long so thought I would post here instead. Enjoy.

    You know the drill...

    Dear Willie: Where do I begin? I am in my early 30′s and I am yet to find a partner who I can start settling down with.

    Iím not saying that at this age things should be happening now, now, now, like some bomb is about to explode and time is running out, but I have been through a series of relationships (well not as many as that may sound) and none of them have worked out. Well, obviously lol.
    What I consider the highlights..

    Men these days seem to have this goal of living a bachelorís lifestyle forever. Itís more than just a phase now.
    I wonít only say St. Lucian men because this seems to have become the norm worldwide. Iím not bitter neither have I allowed myself to be broken. I am just a bit frustrated.

    Who is willing to settle and commit?? Where have all the ďgoodĒ men gone? Iím not asking for a ring on the first date but something that is worth building and molding as time goes on.
    It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society." - Jiddu Krishnamurti

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    Re: Dear Doctor Willie...

    There's a big difference between settling down and settling for.

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    Re: Dear Doctor Willie...

    lots of bitter women on the thread...
    No matter how attractive a woman is. No matter how beautiful she is. Somewhere, out there, some guy is sick of her shit.

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    Re: Dear Doctor Willie...

    Quote Originally Posted by Indianajohn View Post
    lots of bitter women on the thread...
    Oh yes!
    I also posted a couple of comments on that article. Not that it will matter anyway. Women will always rationalize their decisions and blame men for not showing enough "commitment".

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