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    Re: Dating Statistics

    Quote Originally Posted by Eddie Haskell View Post
    Also not taken into account: the man's preferences. He's half the equation here.

    The small percentage of men who fit these stringent criteria will not want to be in a serious relationship with the average woman. So, even if the woman can eventually find this tall, handsome, high-earning needle in a haystack, he isn't going to stick with her. He'll screw her, but then move on.
    Something a lot of women don't get. Most men don't want women per se, they want sex. It's like a hungry man who eats a second rate hamburger, he is just hungry, he doesn't care if the burger is crap.

    These men just want to get off and then they move on. They will say or do almost anything to get between her legs.

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    Re: Dating Statistics

    I came across a post by 4chan anon, basically saying a man has to have a social media account like Instagram that gets multiple likes and such, to have women respond to their Tinder request.

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    Re: Dating Statistics

    I honestly have never tried Tinder in the West, the closest thing to it is here in Tijuana and its awful. In Asia, overall, I'd say my results were solid for the most part, but the reality is I'm typically too lazy to follow up after a couple messages, ESPECIALLY if there's plenty of p4p options. I think in the West I wouldn't bother with online dating and focus on making/saving money and look forward to my paid holiday where I'd go somewhere with a great p4p scene.

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